February 2018 Radiotherapy

Shi, yes I googled about the smell and apparently it is a thing, although most people say they can smell a chemically smell. I can just smell a really bad sort of unwashed dirty smell. It’s weird I think it comes from my head but I’m now washing my hair every day and I still smell it, but when I smell my hats or pillow it’s not on them. OH has smelt my head and said it does smell different. I read that it should go eventually. 


Love a bit of Elton John ???‍♂️???‍♂️

Meesh that makes sense about your hair I bet that’s what’s whiffing. Years ago on tv, this woman didn’t wash her hair for weeks and she said her hair whiffed but after how ever long it was the bodies natural oils cleaned her hair or something like that but there was a whiff stage. You’ve done amazing sticking with the cold cap ???you and dizzy will be swishing the locks at the meet up, the rest of us will be rocking the sineads, cara’s, Kate Hudson’s and a few Demi moores gi janes ???I just love the feeling like a little kid line in that song, because after the chemo journey we’ve been on, I feel like ?‍:female_sign:On the ?, Roley poleying down a grass bank, going to the park and swinging as high as you can on the swings and having a double 99 in the summer ???:sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:shi xx

Shi, that’s exactly how I feel today! I feel so happy ???‍:female_sign:??‍:female_sign:??‍:female_sign:which was why I needed to get out of the house! You are also so ???and amazing through this and so happy and positive it really shines​:star::star::star:out of you. You’ve kept us all so positive through this you truly are an amazing lady and I’m glad to have met you through this. I couldn’t have done it without you. How you’ve managed a lockdown throughout this I have no idea!

Meesh you’ve got the ?our safely to us all each round and kept ??‍:airplane:?so we all get through safely, your :heart:And infectious humour got my fun side out ???thank you so much, I didn’t expect to be ???with laughter ever day like we have and all the ???Our Oct thread has been doing, we’ll be needing some more ???dancing shoes for rads Sunbed’s ???:sparkles::sparkles:shi xx

Meesh bit of is this the way to Amarillo in the Sunbed rads shop ??this morning as we get closer to starting rads ???:sparkles::sparkles:Shi xx

I could be Feb or March…but will join here for now for tips! Good luck ladies.xxx

Ann.m! Enjoyed??? Was the radiologist hunky and handsome???

Odd though it seems, some of us here have quite enjoyed rads. I did find it interesting as I was able to take time off work, got to know the team & others in a similar time slot. I remember one particularly relaxing session, with that old hit ‘Me & Mrs Jones’ playing & a lovely video of forest glades & waterfalls. I know how to have a good time!!!
ann x

Another disruptive influence here, joining from the October chemo thread. We’re all crazy in a good way. I don’t start rads until 26th but still Strictly February so here I am.
I intend to walk there and back every day probably about 3 mile round trip and combine it with the 10,000 steps a day challenge for March that Cancer Research are running. Hope I’m allowed to mention other charities here?
Chemo has had me down but not out, so keeping on keeping on.

Shi, great tune while we’re in the waiting lounge for rads! ???


Chaffinch I think I’d be tempted to walk if it was a 3 mile round trip but I’ve had to switch hospitals for rads and now have 50 min drive ?I’ve now got all my times and most of them are 16:30-17:30 which i’m not sure is a good time. Especially as the second 2 weeks the kitchen fitters will be in. OH is insisting on taking me to each appointment, might see How I go and if I’m capable of driving myself for some.

Shi, has your hospital supplied your moisturiser for rads? If so what did they provide? My hospital doesn’t but have made suggestions E45, aloe Vera gel 99.9%, avenue or diprobase. I’m a bit worried as I’ve got Aveeno but I got that rash when I used it during chemo, which I told them so they advised not to use that. 

Hi meesh, no I’ve not been given any cream for rads, they suggested e45 to me too, my cousin who is bc survivor used acqueous cream, so I’m starting with that and see how I get on. I think Aveno and also aloe Vera are supposed to be good and think we should be prescribed medi honey by trusts if we get any problems. I’m going to pm you in a minute too ??:sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:shi xx

Jay darling, thanks very much for all the rads advice really useful ???:sparkles::sparkles:shi xx

Just had a look at jan rads thread and one of the ladies has been given zerobase cream from her trust and also recommends betnovate hydrocortisone cream for a rash, Just thought I’d post on here so we have something else to ask for as well as the medi honey if any of us need it ??:sparkles::sparkles:shi xx

I can recommend an excellent cream that I used during my radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Its from a company called Moogoo its there udder cream. They have a helpful website and you can buy on line. They will also send free samples. I had 15 sessions of radiotherapy and had no skin problems, not even a red mark. Good luck!

Sahood, thanks someone else recommended the moogoo and I ordered their oncology pack last night. I might also get some e45 and start with that and see how it goes. I like to have a range of options just in case.


Shi, thanks for tip on rashes. I let my team know I had that issue during chemo and that I thought it might be the aveeno.


Did anyone else gave trouble getting the biro off their skin? I’ve had a bath and shower and despite scrubbing with soap the biro is still there ?



can I join the group, I actually started yesterday, but it’s almost February !


im 54, DCIS GRADE 3 diagnosed by routine mammogram. No symptoms. Lumpectomy 21/12. Had first of 15 treatments yesterday. Have to travel an hour each way to treatment, which is frustrating. 


Love to you all

Hi the mad wife ???how did your first rads Sunbed session go ???and sorry to hear you have 2 hr round trip on top of the rads everyday ?keep fluids topped up that seems to be a golden rule and we need to pace ourselves, I’m not starting till 15/2, but us ???girls from Oct chemo ?will be ???As usual through this as best we can too ???bit of Diana Ross - chain reaction playing in the Sunbed rads shop this morning ???good luck with 2nd one ???:sparkles::sparkles:shi xx

Shi, Diana Ross chain reaction haven’t heard that one in ages ???Have an appt with onc this afternoon, hopefully she’s going to answer all my questions and take a look at my manky scalp! 


Hi themadwife, welcome to our band of merry women. I had rads planning on Monday and start 12/2 so a couple of weeks to go yet. I also have approx 2hour round trip too it’s going to be a right pain especially as my appts are in rush hour time too ? Mind you I think as OH will be driving I can just listen to the radio and ? and ???along.

I’m going to try and work through mine, but will see how I go. If I can do it then great, if not then I won’t.