February 2018 Radiotherapy

Hi ladies, have opened a new thread for any of you starting treatment in Feb and also for those who may have finished to pop along and offer their support as always! Xx 

Hellloooooooooo, only me, I’ll be hanging round here too.

Thanks cc’s ???I’m due to start rads 15/2??:sparkles::sparkles:shi xx

Thanks charts ??i’ll keep party ??shi on the Oct thread, looking forward to rads and we’ve been lucky mishy18, mai7 and the May ladies have guided us On the ?of their rads ??:sparkles::sparkles:shi xx

Yep bit of ?bacon we’ve been warned about possible sizzle, so us on Oct chemo ?call it ? if you’ve not seen our thread, ladybowler will tell you, we’ve had her ???a few time with laughter and some of us are ???to rads now ???:sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:shi xx

Yep???already named the machine Miami c Zappa ???a few of the Oct girls have got names for their rads machines ready ???:sparkles::sparkles:shi xx

Hi ladies! I’m also from oct chemo thread like Shi. some of us are now switching into the sunbed carriage of our chemo ? I start rads n 12/2 and have planning appt next Monday. 

Wow!!! This looks like the party rads thread ??
Oddly, I quite enjoyed rads ?
All the best ladies ?
ann x

Ann-m ???going to try and think of it like Sunbed sessions ??thanks cc’s and please share your knowledge about pacing ourselves, fluids, creams and everything so if we do get any ???starting we will know what to do ???thank you ??:sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:shi xx

We’ll try to act with grace and decorum but quite frankly I don’t think we have it in us! Shi I reckon we might have to change ???‍✈️for rads as I think our chemo ???‍✈️has probably had enough of us and could do with a rest and some recouperation after the battering we’ve been giving him about keeping our girls on track! ??? Bit apprehensive about the rads but at least I can tick “get a tattoo” off my list of things to do! Do you think they’d make mine little flowers if I asked??

Meesh, you can ask for a ?it’d be nice instead of a little dot, perhaps you could get them changed to ?afterwards, so when you see them you see survival of the journey so it’s a positive of how ?and amazing you are lovely ??yep let’s have a lady ?‍:airplane:For rads we can bring :coffee:???onboard, put the ?on and ?even if we do get a bit of ?at some point, can’t primise I won’t have a bit of a ???Though, can’t go 20 days without a ???:sparkles::sparkles:shi xx

Shi, definitely need to keep ???through rads but might need to cut down on the ??as I won’t fit through the ?? soon ? perhaps some dark ? instead as that’s good for you ?

Meesh it’ll be ok, those red shiny leggings from the Nolan’s mood for dancing video will get the pounds off as we ???through rads and you’ve got your yoga outfit too so you do double exercises anyway lovely ???:sparkles::sparkles:shi xx

Hi ladies, I hope you don’t mind me gate crashing your party, ?had planning appointment today and start rads on19 Feb, so looks like I will be joining you. Please you’all keep as positive and it will be a breeze. x

Hi jaxxii ???Get your dancing shoes on, ???and Nolan sisters pink leggings and we’ll get each other through the daily Sunbed sessions we all have to get through. How many are you due to have? ??:sparkles::sparkles:shi xx

Hi Shi I certainly will. 15 reg and 5 booster, feeling better than I have for a while, now I know what’s going on, things do seem to get a little easier with knowledge, although third day on tamoxifen waiting. for any side effects. Good to know you’re not alone. Nice to meet you x

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Hi Jaxxi, I’m having 15 regular and 5 boosters too, got my planning appt Monday then I start rads 12 Feb and due to start my tamoxifen next weekend. 

Hi Jaxxi I’ve got 15 and 5 boosters due to start 15/2, not on tamoxifen or anything as I’m tn. Meesh I’m going to get a perfume that smells of coconuts to spritz on my clothes during rads so the rads Sunbed session will smell like the Sunbed shop too and if we get a bit of ???going on could make it smell more like a sweet n sour Chinese ???back onto food again ???:sparkles::sparkles:shi xx

???Shi, that doesn’t sound like a bad idea! I still smell like a tramp so a bit of coconut perfume would make everyone happy! I really hope that smell goes away soon as I wouldn’t want to be left with that as a permanent SE of chemo?

Meesh, I am sure once the chemos worked its way out of your system that smell will go, also while on chemo I’ve noticed things have smelt different too anyway have you? Bit of Elton John, I’m still standing in the rads Sunbed shop this morning to get us all ???In the mood ready for rads start Feb ???:sparkles::sparkles:shi xx