February 2019 Radiotherapy

I’m starting 20 sessions of radiotherapy on the 3rd February, but I’m now a bit confused. I’ve been drinking loads to make sure I’m well hydrated, but having developed bacteria vaginosis, I had to do a urine sample, and the urine was crystal clear, it looked like ordinary water and the doctor said I’m drinking too much and my kidneys can’t cope with the intake. I was told to drink loads and what I’ve read on this wonderful site, everyone says drink at least 3 ltrs, I don’t think I’m drinking anything like that, so what on earth am I supposed to do. Any suggestions please?

Hi Pinklilly

about 1 and a half litres daily is about right - 3 litres will take all the electrocytes (or something!!!?) out of your body so 3 litres is too much and can be dangerous. Good you are drinking water though, as it really does help, just not so much! Good luck with the rads - they will soon pass and you will be on to the next stage of recovery. x

Hi my first appointment next week for the measuring and tattoo bit beieve then 3 weeks of Radiotherapy. Anyone else had their treatment at Christie Salford Royal ? Any tips advice much appreciated I am a nervous wreck Kind regards kate