February 2023 chemo starters

Hi everyone

This thread is for anyone who starts chemotherapy treatment in February 2023 to share thoughts and experiences, and find and receive support.

Hi I was diagnosed through routine mammogram beginning of November with invasive breast cancer with lymph node involvement. Had a lumpectomy (33mm) and auxiliary clearance with 4 positive nodes on 28th December and still recovering with swelling etc. Saw oncologist last Friday and he gave me my chemo regime. All seems so much information to take in. He said I will have EC chemo every 2 weeks for 8 weeks and then T chemo every week for 12 weeks. So in total 20 weeks. I will also have a daily injection to boast white blood cells (can’t remember what that was called).  After chemo will have another op as they didn’t quite get a clear margin and then radiotherapy and then letrozole for 10 years and an injection of something every six months for 2years. I’m trying to do a bit of research into all the treatment but I’m so overwhelmed by it all. Do I try cold cap, what about pain what foods should I eat to relieve symptoms. The list just goes on. And the chemo - seems a tough regime and I can’t seem to find anyone who has been through a similar regime on past threads. 

Hi, I’m 38 and waiting for my echocardiogram to be done next week before I’m told when I can start chemo. My breach date is 14th Feb, so I’m sure it will be before then… I would really like it to be w/c 6th Feb! 

Hi all. 

I was diagnosed triple positive DCIS and a small but aggressive stage 1a IDC. I had a lumpectomy and lymph node removal on December 16th. Fortunately my margins were clear. I do feel fortunate, but my road ahead is long. I don’t know my onco score, but because of the HER2+ I have to do taxol/Hercepton.  
Got my port in on Friday (healing fine) and this coming Friday I start 12 weeks of weekly Taxol and Hercepton, followed by 9 more months of every third week Hercepton. At some point I’ll get radiation and also 5 years of tamoxifen. Until now I’ve been pretty pragmatic and soldiering on, but the chemo and its potential side effects are now looming large. I really don’t want to lose my hair. I just got it cut to a bob. tonight as I’ve heard that’s easier when you start losing hair. It had been pretty long, so it’s all starting to feel really real, you know?

I’m on the fence about the cold cap and am planning to speak to someone about it tomorrow.  
Is anyone here on a similar path/ diagnosis?

It’s all pretty scary, mainly the unknown. Good luck to everyone!!


good luck to all!


I’m a bit late joining this forum but better late than never. At the end of October I was diagnosed with ILC following routine screening. The size of the tumour has varied from 1 cm to, finally, 4 cm.  No lymph involvement and ER+ve. I had bilateral therapeutic mammoplasty in December and had an uneventful recovery (I now have the breasts I wish I’d had as a 20 year old! Shame the rest of the body doesn’t match up!) and was readying myself for radiotherapy and hormone therapy when, because of the size of the tumour, a sample was sent for Oncotype testing. The score was 27 and, as a 66 year old, that was enough to lead to a recommendation of chemotherapy. 
So, tomorrow I start 6 cycles of EC and have the first infusion of Zoledronic Acid. I don’t have a PICC line or a port as the hospital prefer not to if veins are good enough - time will tell on that one but I’m fairly relaxed about it. I have decided against the cold cap option as I didn’t want to trigger migraines, which I suffer from. I was referred to a fantastic salon which specialises in hair loss and now have a wig which I really like, some scarves and turban type things for when I don’t want to wear the wig and I have had my hair cut short so it’s not such a shock when I lose it. All in all, I feel as prepared as I can be - as far as practical things are concerned. Up until now I’ve taken everything in my stride but I suddenly find myself feeling really nervous about tomorrow. I think it might be because this isn’t something that will be finished with tomorrow so my usual ploy of telling myself that it’ll soon be over just doesn’t work! 
I’m not sure what the point of my ramblings has been, other than to let me get it off my chest. Best wishes to everyone else starting chemotherapy, and to those still waiting. 

My trip to the hospital was not in vein……

So, I turned up at the hospital this lunchtime as scheduled for my first cycle of EC.  Obs all fine, oral steroids and anti emetics taken and then it was time for the cannula to be put in place. Two nurses and three attempts later we were good to go - until the Epirubicin was started and I felt a burning sensation at the site of the cannula. I can’t fault the response of the staff - I was seen by the Plastics registrar within half an hour and was given remedial treatment to minimise the impact on the tissue around the vein. Unfortunately this meant the end of my treatment for the day. I am now having a PICC line inserted next week and start treatment again the following week. Just one of those things really, and no one’s fault, but what an anticlimax!

Pleased to see that most of you have ports or PICC lines ready or planned! 

Hello everyone

I hope you’re all doing ok. This is my first time posting so hoping I’ve done it in the right place. Let me know if not!!

I am due to have 4 rounds of EC and then 4 of Paclitaxel. I had my first EC on Wednesday. I have had a fair bit of nausea but only actually been sick once (so far!). Does there tend to be a pattern with which are the worst days?! Is it likely to keep getting worse from here during this cycle, or are the first couple of days the worst?

I’ve decided against cold cap and have an appointment at a wig shop next week. I’ve been asked to pay £75 for a prescription charge to then be given a £180 voucher, which will be sent direct to the shop ahead of my appointment. My worry is…what if I don’t like any of the wigs and I’ve already spent £75? Have others had it happen in this way?

Thanks all

janeymay60  Hi. Yes i definitely found the more sessions I had the harder it got. Towards my last EC i think k was in bed for 4 days. The fatigue and lack of energy was got me quite bad. I had some annoying side effects like watery eyes which turned into conjunctivitis and constant bloody runny nose. They’ve lasted right the way through my paclitaxol too with the added neuropathy and upset tummy every now and again. Each side effect is doable but they do get you down some days. 

How’s everyone doing . I’m now 5 weeks behind - two from sepsis after 4th ac, then one for temperature , one for neutropenia and now one for neutrophenia with a temperature . I’m on reduced dose taxol. If this week goes ahead it will be 9/12 and I feel like calling a halt but thibk my team will first 

I’m so sorry, heartbreak. That’s so frustrating. 
You are moving forward and I’m sure your care team will do what’s best for you. Hang in there! Sending you good vibes!!

Hi there, I’m to sure you’ll make the right decision along with your team about your treatment. Wishing you what you wish for yourself. ??

Well professor made decision to stop my treatmebt. I’m a bit nervous as I didn’t finish but trust his decision. Having mapping ct apportionment 1st august . Unsure of how many treatments I’ll be having yet