February 2024 chemo starters

Hi @kartoffel

Sorry to hear you have had issues with your team too. Really not what we need on top of the rest. I hope the new one will provide better care and make you feel more confident with your treatment.

I am meeting my new oncologist tomorrow and already feeling better. The one I have had was so awful, no empathy, messy, always late or not turning up. I lost faith and went for a second opinion from a different hospital as I was worried getting one from the same hospital would just back her up.

Things are moving slowly though, which ahs been the case from the start although I went private.

I wish you a smooth recovery break before surgery.

Big hugs,



@marionse25 I’m so glad you are switching oncologists. I have the lovely Dr Ring at RM Sutton. He is really slick and professional. I’m there tomorrow. Fancy a cup of tea at Maggie’s if our times coincide? I’ll DM you.


@marionse25 How did it go yesterday?


As we don’t ring the bell at Marsden I slapped a bench instead, shared it on Facebook and invited friends to bench slap too. Many of them did. It entertained me greatly yesterday. :smile: I think bench slapping should become the alternative for hospitals that don’t have a bell.


Hi @salbert Happy Friday!

Well done! I really thought about you yesterday hoping that wverything was going well.

Very happy with Dr Ring, so clear and structured, I know when I next see him etc so refreshing compared to the onco I don’t even want to talk about!

I will be in Sutton again on Thursday morning to see Dr Power. Things are moving a bit now. I wish I had met surgeons earlier as I don’t have much time to make a decision.

I trust you will celebrate all weekend such an important milestone!

3 more chemos for me. Dr Ring confirmed my picc line would go at my last session I can’t wait!

Have a lovely weekend and a great start to a well deaerved break before surgery

Big hugs

Marion xx


CONGRATULATIONS to those who’ve since finished chemo!!
You made it :heart:

Hopefully not too long now for everyone else - hang in there.

Not sure whether to be reassured or disappointed that a few of us have not been happy with our oncos and are having to switch. It’s not even as if we’re asking for the earth.

I was reading some patient reviews of others I shortlisted and they were being described as “kind, compassionate, patient, never made me feel rushed, very thorough explanations, answered all my “silly” questions.” Basically words I could never associate with my current onco.

So ladies, I’ve been abroad twice since chemo ended. All planned before my diagnosis. Just back from a week in Portugal without the teens!! but with a really good friend instead.

I don’t wear a prosthesis or softie but instead wear my unobra and one shoulder tops/dresses - fully embraced the look and it’s all the rage at the moment.

On my last day a lady came up to me after I boarded the ferry back from a nearby island and asked in Spanish if I speak Spanish (I do but was surprised as we were in Portugal).

She’d spotted me earlier in my very bright dress by the restaurants then when she saw we were on the same ferry back she had to come say hi.
She had the exact same chemo as me but before surgery and has started the same hormonal therapy I’ll be on. She was 2 months post mastectomy.

I had no idea I could chat about all the treatment, coldcapping, side-effects, nails falling off etc in Spanish ha
Her husband had said not to come speak to me but she knew better and I thanked her for it.

A lot of people have reconstruction or wear softies etc so people don’t realise quite how common bc is and it was lovely to have someone identify a fellow pink sister and come say hi. I certainly appreciated it and it was a wonderful way to end my holiday. It was also her last day on her end of active treatment holiday!

I hope those who can and want to travel are inspired x


So lovely to read this that you have started traveling.
I am still quite anxious if I should book one before the year ends. Did you get a travel insurance? Any recommendations?
Take care. x

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@marionse25 Sorry! I have just seen your post from a week ago! I’m so glad you liked Dr Ring. Isn’t he great? I was in Marsden yesterday for Phesgo and Zometa (Not feeling great today so I wondered if anyone else felt rough after that combo?) We could have had our cup of tea! Keep me posted. Perhaps next time will coincide.

@healing24 I’m so pleased to hear you have had a great time in Portugal and met a pink sister. Plus which, you’ve found a way to make the unobra and one shoulder tops work for you. Great attitude. I too am concerned about travel insurance @starapple I’m so desperate for a sunshine holiday.

Love to all,


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Hi @salbert

I hope you are progressively recovering from your last chemo and will get your tastebuds back soon. Sorry you’re not feeling great with the combo. I have shooting pains a few days after each phesgo but I haven’t finished chemo so not sure how it will feel on its own.

No worries about yesterday, I took the time to pop into Maggies which is so amazing. It feels like Grand Designs! The staff was very caring and the palxe is so peaceful I love it.

My appointment with Dr Power went ok although I now know I can’t have an implant :frowning: whether an expander or not. I am now left with the option of going flat or DIEP flap which scares me. I really don’t want a major surgery and long recovery. I really don’t know what to do. I had a big cry I must say.

I won’t be in Sutton until the 8th August to see Dr Power again. The date mis likely to change I will let you know in case you’re around! I am having a CT scan on Monday to check my blood vessels. It may be that my belly cannot be used as I have a massive scar and probably some damage. He could use my inner thighs but that would mean an even longer recovery. I can’t even think about the leg pain!

Now focusing on my last 2 chemos, 11th paclitaxel on Monday and final one the following week if no delay. They will also remove my picc line phewwww!

Almost the weekend. I have had a challenging week at work and can’t wait to relax a bit. Fatigue has finally hit me but work may have played a lot s I have been working on nasty stuff… anyway I can’t believe I have almost completed my 5 months of chemo.

Have a relaxing weekend

Love and hugs to All
Marion xx

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Hi @marionse25

Maggie’s is lovely over at RM Sutton. I used to sit upstairs on a Thursday and work on my laptop at the desk up there in between Onco and chemo.

I’m so sorry you can’t have an implant. I also really don’t want the major surgery of a DIEP Flap or the tummy scar and recovery time. I’m not surprised you were upset. That must be so disappointing.

Unfortunately 8th August is the day after my mastectomy so I’m 100% sure I will be in bed that day, hopefully at home.

Keep going through those last couple of chemos. I was elated when I finished those. I have started to taste savoury again but weirdly I couldn’t taste the sweetness of my fruit this morning and I have been able to taste sweet all the way through. Obviously some changes taking place.

I went to the village pub to watch the football last night and it was lovely to be out and enjoy a Prosecco again, even if we didn’t win.

Love and hugs back.


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Hi @salbert

Waouh the 7th is pretty soon! I bet you must be thrilled and scared in the same time! I am planning to go to the monthly networking meeting at Maggies that day, in the afternoon I think. i will will definitely be thinking of you and sending positive vibes.

It is great to know your taste is coming back. I am sure the prosecco was bliss. I really can’t wait to be able to taste food. Right now everything tastes like moldy cardboard. I can’t taste sugar either. The only thing I can taste is sharp lemon.

I had my 11th paclitaxel yesterday, I slept the whole way until my husband came to pick me up. The antihistamine combo really knocks me down. It was a long day as I came for a CT scan of my belly first, to check my blood vessels for a possible DIEP surgery. I still can’t bear the though of going through that, but at least I will know soon if that is an option. If I am told they have to use my inner thighs then it will be a definitive no for me!

I wish you a lovely break before surgery

Bigs hugs

@marionse25 I had no idea they could take from the inner thighs, that sounds horrific… I’m pretty set on doing a DIEP flap because I don’t want an implant, but I’ve only heard back or belly mentioned as far as sources. I don’t think I would want to do it if that was my only option… :grimacing:

I’ve got some time to think about reconstruction though as they can’t do it all in one go regardless of the option I choose since I’ve still got radiotherapy to go post surgery. My surgery is in 2 weeks so I’m still trying to get the last bits and pieces in place and simultaneously not wanting to do it and wishing it were already done.