February 2024 chemo starters

This topic is for anyone starting chemo in February 2024 to share thoughts and feelings in a supportive environment.

You can find more info on chemo on our pages: Chemotherapy for breast cancer.


I’m having breast conserving surgery tomorrow so I guess I’m probably going to end up in the Feb Chemo group. I’m triple positive and whilst I don’t have my treatment plan yet. The doctor said chemo was likely…so thought I’d say hello!


I am due to start chemo on 15th Feb.
Had a mastectomy (left breast) at the start of January, lumpectomy not an option as had DCIS/ radiotherapy two years ago.
Recovering well from the surgery, no lymph node evidence of disease, which is good but triple negative, so chemo it is .
Have to admit very anxious about it, planning to cold cap to try and keep as much hair as I can , that part us freaking me out .


Hi :wave: I started chemo early October and cold capped from the beginning. I had shoulder/mid back hair length and cut it really short pixie cut. However in hindsight I would have a short bob if I have to do it again (god no :joy:) . Triple negative also, started neo adjuvant chemo 12 weekly and now going through EC every 3 weeks. Whilst I would loose some post post treatment after the weekly and it would kinda stop after 2/3 days, on EC I seem to loose some more regularly.
Cold cap does work! I started w a lot of thick hair so had an advantage over everyone else. However do try cold cap if you can tolerate it for the first 15 min you’ll be fine and think about a practical haircut you can manage to avoid any tangle. You will loose hair don’t get me wrong, but it could also just thin out.
Wear lots of layers, thermals etc hot drinks ok, but try to protect your mouth from mouth thrush though but sucking on ice cubes or frozen grapes :heartbeat:



My first chemo is Fri 2nd Feb. I’m ER+ HER2+ with mets.
Docetaxel, Pertuzumab & Trastuzumab.
Very best wishes to everyone x

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I saw the oncologist yesterday, aiming to start 6 cycles of EC 3 weekly from February.
I’m pushing to get into the unit asap as there’s good evidence disease free survival is improved for TNBC if chemo is started within 31 days of surgery and im already 5+ weeks.
Ready as I can be, eyebrows tattooed on and multiple scarves at the ready. Hopefully get echo and picc line this week xxx

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Hi there I’m starting chemo on February 6th. Very nervous about all the side effects but frankly I’d rather choose to be cancer free. Sending you all love


Wow good for you. I will look into eyebrow tattooing!

Welcome. Your not alone and it’s normal to worry but you will get through whatever comes your way and will come out the other side fighting!! X


It is me too to be honest. However I keep saying to myself that it’s just temporary. A small part of a life that will be longer thanks to chemo x


Due to start chemo next week.
I have been told I will be out on a 2 weekly cycle therefore cold cap not suitable - just wondering if anyone else has been told the same

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Hi. I am on 2 weekly EC and am using the cold cap. I really hate using it BUT it is working. Maybe depends on the drugs you are taking as to whether cold cap can work? J

Thanks Janine
I’m going to raise it again with the nurse.
I’ve only had a phone consultation with the oncologist so far so hopefully will get a lot more information this week. My treatment is going to be at a different nhs trust to my operation so will be given a different nurse to contact as well.
How are you finding the 2 weekly cycle?

Hi everyone

I have an initial oncology appointment this Wednesday so I’m assuming that I will start chemo in February. Not sure what type yet or how many cycles etc.

Really nervous but hoping this will ease a bit once I know exactly what I’m having, when and how often.

I had surgery on 27th December two WLE’s (bilateral diagnosis) no lymph nodes affected on right side but full axillary clearance on left as 6 out of 15 contained evidence of cancer.

Had a full CT scan after surgery which came back clear so no evidence of cancer anywhere else and surgery got clear margins so now into chemo to hopefully prevent the b#¥¥€r coming back!!


It’s okay. Definitely takes me longer to recover as side effects accumulate. I haven’t had all side effects, the main ones for me are fatigue, nausea (no vomiting) and dizziness but I don’t seem to get the rest of the side effects listed and there are many. It defo takes me a week though to get over each cycle so maybe bear that in mind. Wishing you all the best and defo ask your oncologist. J


Hi all, I’m with my oncologist tomorrow to discuss chemo after having cancer removal and breast reduction surgery on 3 Jan. It was grade 3 TN. Clear margins and no lymph nodes affected. I’m really unsure what to ask regarding if I need chemo and what type, dose I’ll have etc. I guess he’ll explain but not sure what will help me decide. Im also assuming I’ll start in Feb as all healed from the surgery. Im so scared of the side effects I’ve read about and also that some chemo drugs can contribute to reoccurring cancer! Any advice, thoughts or experiences appreciated. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Is anyone having pembromizalab ??? Because I didn’t have pre op chemo, I don’t seem to be eligible to have it post surgery, despite having a grade 3 tumour.

I am doing two weekly cycles at Royal Marsden and been told I will be cold capped. How confusing!:face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Where are you having it done? Panic not about causing it to come back, much more likely to come back if you don’t have chemo. Go onto MacMillan and here and look up questions about what to ask oncologist about chemo.
Here are what I asked;

  1. is Vascular invasion present
  2. How many rounds would I need
  3. Is there a test I can do to see what percentage of risk I am for recurrence and distant recurrence

I’ll come back with anything else


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Thank you so much for responding, I’ve made a list of my questions and just want to make sure I’m doing the right thing. It’s also super confusing regarding all the different types of drugs used.
I’m currently being treated privately so can opt to have it in hospital (Castle Hill, Hull) or at home???
I’ll update once I know my treatment plan.