February 2024 radiotherapy starters


With all the messages out there relating to medical issues & queries, I feel this is a bit trivial but… I’m finishing (fingers crossed) my 3 weeks of RT on Wednesday. I was thinking of offering the staff a card and a box of biscuits / chocolates, some token of appreciation for their daily care and support. Is this appropriate? Better suggestions as to what would?



:heart: you thank your team however you want to :heart: it shows how much you’ve appreciated their care and kindness :heart::two_hearts::two_hearts::sparkles::sparkles:Shi xx


When I finished RT after 20 days I gave them a bunch of chocolate covered strawberries and a note. It made me feel good to give them something more personal back than just insurance payments. Do what feels right to you. That’s my new motto.


What a lovely thing to do

I baked cakes and biscuits for my chemo team and gave them some good coffee and a card and for the radiotherapy team i gave several tins of biscuits, Hero chocolates and a fruit basket

They were so grateful

When i go back for my 6 monthly infusions i pop by and say hello

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I gave my team healthier protein/muesli bars and a box of fruit - small apples, satsumas and fat seedless grapes

One of my besties worked on the chemo ward when I was having chemo and said something healthier was welcomed… as she opened the cupboard packed full of boxes of biscuits and chocolates.

What a lovely idea, they will appreciate it I’m sure, I’m actually fundraising for my team/unit, doing events through the year.
But at Christmas i took in lots of chocolates.

Hi irrrina
I gave the team a box of biscuits and lots of stationery items … pens, pencils, sticky notes and pretty notepads etc after my last treatment in January this year.
The staff were absolutely delighted with the gift. They’re all so kind, looking after us all during the scary moments when we’re approaching radiotherapy etc etc and I just thought I’d do something a bit different :joy:
One of the nursing team rang me up afterwards to thank me too which was unexpected but so nice.
I’m sure they will appreciate whatever you decide upon, lots of thank you cards were on the walls too so that was good to see.
All the best everyone