Febuary 2022 Chemo starters

Hi Ladies, im due to start Chemo FEC on the 2nd feb and i am really scared, fear of the unknown, is anyone having treatment in cheltenham hospital, if so would love to hear from you x 

Am due to start 6 sessions of chemo every 3 weeks on 9 Feb.  In Ashford, Middlesex.  Had got my head around that but I was dismayed to find out I have to have Herceptin injections every 3 weeks for a year.  I think I had my head in the sand and thought they would end when chemo did.  Now I’m just thinking that this will never be over and the cancer will come back anyway.  Along with heart disease and weight gain.  

I’m due to start same day as you xx


Although not in your area, I wanted to place a message for you to try and ease your anxiety.  I completed a 12 week  course of chemotherapy (Paclitaxil) August 2021.  Like you, I was frightened if not petrified of the unknown.  I was a healthy 57 year old on no medication whatsoever until being diagnosed with breast cancer March 2021.  Please be assured, you will be ok.  I had chemo every week for 12 weeks, 1 hour each time.  I was ok however, there are some side effects.  This doesn’t mean you will be the same, I believe everybody reacts differently.  The first six treatments were good, then, I started to feel very tired thereafter.  You must listen to your body and if you feel tired just rest, that’s what I did.  I used to bounce back after a day or two each week.  Since completing the 12 intravenous treatments I continue to have Herceptin every three weeks for one year.  I started this on day 1 of my first chemo session, continued and still being treated until approx June this year 2022.  I do have tingling feet but I have started to live with this.  It has eased somewhat but I tend to forget that’s happening most of the time.  I gained some weight due to feeling lethargic but, I am now back on my feet and walk approx 2 miles every morning! I am determined to get back to my normal healthy self.  I didn’t have the cold cap, sounded too traumatic for my liking.  I lost all my hair, eyelashes and eyebrows which traumatised me but you manage to deal with it.  The hair loss was more difficult to deal with than any treatment.  I still wear hats because I do not like short hair.  It is growing back but seems such a slow process, I wanted it back yesterday but that won’t happen.  Each person is different but I hope I can reassure you it’s not painful and the nurses are always with you to help you along the way.  I wish you all the luck in the world, it will all be over so quick and you can rebuild yourself straight away.  You can normally get on with doing what you want daily during treatment but sometimes you do feel less inclined and just want to lie down and rest.  Please, please try not to worry too much.  Easy to say, I know, but I was pleasantly surprised.  I could write a book about the process from March 2021 being diagnosed to date but there is nothing you will not be able to manage.  Like I said, never been poorly throughout my whole life or had an operation and with months I had surgery, chemo and radiotherapy.  Good luck, I wish you all the very best.  I just know how you’re feeling.  

Hello everyone

I’ll be starting chemo in about 2/3wks time.  I did receive a call saying they could book me in next week but I need to have a root canal first - getting that sorted tomorrow. 
I was diagnosed with HER+ back in July, each time I went back…the news wasn’t what I wanted to hear.  four ops later…I’m now at chemo stage.  I’m 51, a single mum and business woman with two online shops.  I closed them at the end of November, the ongoing surgeries wiped me out.  So now I have my second wind and need to get back to business but nope!  Chemo time!  I’m determined to carry on best I can.  Take each day as it comes.  If the truth be told…I am scared of the unknown but I know I need to crack on with this now and get it done. 

I’m having my treatment in Truro, Headland Unit in Cornwall.  Anyone else?
My treatment plan is 12 wks of Paclitaxel then 8wk (fortnightly) of EC.  Then some sort of bone medicine for 3yrs.  I’m already taking Anastrazole which I’ve found perfectly fine, the occasional hot flush and sore legs at the beginning but doing okay really.
I’ve been reading through all the threads here, sooo many amazing strong women here.  I bow graciously to you all.  You’ve all given me a lot of hope.  I’m not one for forums but I’m going to try and connect with people more.
Sending you all a load of love, positive vibes and as much strength as I can muster. 

We’ve got this!
Tanya x