FEC 4 exhausted! Any tips?

Hi I am on FEC 4 and am feeling really exhausted does anyone have any tips on getting through this as I feel tired all the time and everything is taking so much longer to do anything as I have to keep stopping and resting its sooo frustrating
Tracy x

Hi The

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Take care

Jo, Moderator

Hi Tracy


I know, when you think of how you used to be before and now you can’t cope with half of what you once did, it is very frustrating. Chemo effects are cumulative I’m afraid, and fatigue is a very big problem. All you can do is accept all the help you are offered from family and friends. Set your sights a little lower and skip some chores that aren’t really essential. Take those rest periods, your body needs them to recover from the drugs that are going through your body. When you have any illness, even if it’s just a cold, your body slows down. But a cold is usually cleared up after about a week. Chemo isn’t. I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful.


Sending big hugs poemsgalore xx

Thanks poemsgalore yes you are so right about slowing down and having lower expectations of myself now compared to before chemo. It is frustrating but just have to get on with it. Do you know how long the effects last after finishing chemo as I just worry about how I will cope with having to return to work after rads. I was going to take a month off after to get my energy back so looking at going back to work in May, just hope energy comes back by then ! Xxx

Thanks catseye I am now on half pay so will have to return to work beginning of May as it will go to nothing just hope my energy picks up by then !!! Xxx

Thanks poemsgalore I think I will as don’t think I could handle full time straight away x