fec chemo what to expect

Hi all

I will be starting fec on friday don’t know what to expect have had my long hair today cut realy short. I have got lymphedema in my right arm due to having breast cancer in 2002 I am concerned were they eill put the drip as I have had three lymph nodes taken out my left arm. Can they just give you a injection in the stomach

Hi Stocko,


Sorry to hear where you find yourself, I am a member of January Gemstones 2015, before I started treatment, I found it really useful to read through threads of people who had started in different months to see what to expect.


I am on FEC-T, I have had two FEC’s with one being yesterday, I have not found it too difficult, but some other ladies who started in January have, so everybody is different.  As soon as your team are informed of any difficulties that you have they will tailor your meds especially for you to minimize your side effects.


In my hospital they try to get all the FEC’ers fitted with a PICC line which is fitted in the upper arm, but I have a Groshong line, which was inserted in to my neck and the exit along with the line is just above my left boob.  This does not comprimise any of the veins in my arm, I think it would be a good idea to discuss it with your oncologist when you have the opportunity.


Good luck to you and I honestly reccomend joining the appropriate montly starters thread for when you start.


Love Su




Good advice from Sue.

Feb 2015 has ladies who can support you. Speak to your oncologist and bcn, or maybe call the helpline here if you need someone to talk to.

Everyone seems to react differently to treatment. I was fitted with a portacath before my first cycle - perhaps that’s an option for you - due for second cycle this week.

Waiting to start treatment is a difficult time, hope to see you on the February 2015 thread.

Take care x