Fec chemo

Hi, I’m due to start fec chemo on the 3 Nov and was hoping to use the cold cap. I have now been told that I can’t, has anyone with breast cancer that had fec chemo used the cold cap. Can anyone advise me please x

Hi Karan - sorry it’s taken so long to reply. I didn’t use the cold cap myself but a friend did when she had FEC-T and it worked. I don’t know why you’ve been told you can’t use it. I would ask them why not, if I were you. It just makes you feel a bit better when you have hair.


Best of luck with everything.


I have had fec but no cold cap just the thought of something that cold on my head gives me brain freeze lol. I do know some that have used it and it does still thin, and doesn’t always work. Have they told you why you can’t use it?