FEC & nails

My big toe nails are going black! Looks like bruising under the nail. I thought problems with nails were not an issue if you were having FEC. Looked it up and it is not mentioned under the list of possible FEC SEs. I am down for 6 *FEC. I have had 4 so far.
Anyone else had problems with FEC and nails and how did they cope with it?

I finished 6 FEC in February and both my big toes are black under the nail. My fingernails also had white ridges accross them all but they have since returned to normal.
I paint my toe nails a dark colour to disguise them as advised by some of my friends who also have breast cancer.I dont know if they will return to normal but heres hoping. I would also like to know what the chances are of them returning to normal.
Good luck with you last 2 FEC.


Thanks for the reply Shirley. Just couldn’t believe it when I woke up this am and saw that my toe nails were going black. It was not one of the SEs I had prepared myself for on FEC.
Finger nails are covered with ridges. Both horizontal and vertical. You can almost mark the treatments from the horizontal lines. They are pretty evenly spaced. It’s good to know that the fingernails will return to normal in time.
As for the toe nails?? Do we have to wait for them to drop off and grow new ones? I have had black toe nails before from poorly fitting ski boots and that is what happened last time. At least with being in the middle of summer(?), it won’t be long until I can keep the blackened nails covered.