FEC side effects

I am three days post my first FEC and things are just starting to hurt

I’ve been lucky to not be sick, just nausea & heartburn, and obviously tired, but I now have aching shoulders, back & a sore throat

I’ve also found I feel quite short of breath & wheezy

I’m guessing that this is just par for the course and may be due to stress as much as the FEC.

Anyone got any tips for helping with things as the steriods are all gone now!

Thanks, Rebecca

Hi Rebecca

I also read your other thread. Sorry to hear of your recent diagnosis but as you have already seen there is a huge amount of information on this site and tons of support from lots of other ladies.

I was diagnosed on 3 January, had a WLE and total axillary clearance on 14 Jan. My lump was 2.3 cm and grade 3 and I had my first dose of FEC almost two weeks ago. I’m sure everyone reacts differently to it but I’ve got to say I’ve felt quite well, slight nausea in the evening after first FEC but since then apart from about three days of fatigue have been fine. You may be right about it been due to stress and also the shock of diagnosis.

I’ve heard that ginger in any form, biscuits probably the nicest, are really good for nausea.

I hope your side effects get better as you go through your treatment and although it probably isn’t easy with two little ones, try to get lots of rest when you feel tired and eat as well as you can as I’m sure this is what has helped me.

Take care


Dear Rebecca,

if you have a sore throat and are short of breath you really need to see the doctor, do you have a temperature? it could be you have an infection, you may have to have you bloods checked and have antibiotics

Has you oncology team given you a 24 hour number to access if so I think you should call them ASAP.


Hi Rebecca

Just to reiterate Linda’s advice, I would suggest that you need to call in for further advice. You can also call the NHS direct number on 0845 4647 which is a 24 hour helpline if you can’t get hold of your team.

Best wishes

Gosh, I didn’t for a second think I needed to see anyone

My hospital is 30 miles away, the babies are in bed & I don’t drive!

I’m seeing the district nurse tomorrow, would then do so long as I don’t have a temperature?

I feel a fraud to be honest, I just feel a bit fluey

Rebecca x


contact the team and ask their advice, if you do have an infection it needs to be treated sooner not later,

but whatever keep an eye on temp and do something if it reaches 37.5 or above