FEC starting early Sept (09)

I’m due to start 6xFEC early in Sept - no precise date yet. Would love to hear from others in similar position so we can support each other through it or experienced FECers for any advice/tips etc
good luck everyone


I did FEC last winter and found it not too bad at all. I did feel miserable at times but think that the dull weather, chemo and being stuck in the house was a bad combination. Felt grotty on the day and sometimes for a few days after. Had mild SE’s other than losing my hair, did not cold cap it as I thought I would prefer to let the poisin go where it will. On the plus side my skin was gorgeous and my bodyhair was non existent. I finished in March and my hair is back and super curly,about 1.5 inches long now and thick as can be, eyebrows and eyelashes came back in about 6 weeks but still no leg, underarm or bikini hair yet. Periods carried on until the last cycle when they stopped suddenly and have not returned, sadly. I was able to work (office) for most of the time sort of missing 2 days on each cycle (6 cycles). Did not put on weight (or lose it).

Top tip is to discuss veins with chemo staff first - I was advised to have a PICC and though reluctant this turned out a good thing as it made the process much easier and quicker for all, plus I did not suffer the vein drama others did.
Good luck

Jane x

Wishing you luck with FEC

Jane x

Had my first FEC (I have 3 in total followed by 3 T) on 31st July

Felt a bit odd going in, and they watch you and the limb they are giving it through as some people have ugh reactions to it.
Whole thing took about 1-2 hours.
I was ok but felt a bit fluey for about 2/3 days and totally wiped out. Have never sleept so much. Did keep myself well hydrated by drinking lots. Know a lot of people recomend pinapple juice as there is a bit of a metalic taste in the mouth, personall I normally love pinapple juice but couldnt tolerate it, but looved the odd old pinapple cube sweets!. Elderflower cordial and ginger beer were what got me through.
I started my anti-sickness drug earlier than they said but I did feel nausious, and think because of that I had no probs, eat small regular meals with no probs.
Also although noone else has mentioned it I found my temperature controle went nuts, one min hot the next cold.
The only thing I really did not like about the whole thing was the steroids they gave me for 3 days am going to talk to them about that because they made me feel awfull.

All the best

Hi Jane and Glenna, thanks so much for getting back to me, it is a real help to hear people talk about the reality of treatment - I have been talking about it in the abstract but now need to understand the reality and knowledge is definitely power!!! its a lot to get my head around and come to terms with after 2 months of possibilities…
thanks again
monica xx

Hi Daisy

I am starting 6x FEC75 on Aug 27th with my initial appointment on 24th to have a dry run first. I have elected to have chemo (I must be mad) and am really not looking forward to it. I will be a week ahead of you so will let you know how it goes. I’m hoping it won’t be as bad as I fear it might.

Good luck


Hi Monica/Helen - just to let you know I have FEC no6 tomorrow. My experience has been absolutely fine - I have worked all the way thru altho as its in a school office am now on the summer break. The side effects do accumulate a little - sickness (but you get anti sick drugs) sore mouth (difflam mouth wash was given to me which helps). Drink as much water as you can - helps with constipation. I lost my hair by day 17 altho I tried the scalp cooling - had very thick hair so maybe that was why - found it bearable tho. This pic is me in my NHS wig - did buy one but the NHS one is better! Rest as much as you can - I have a 10year old so realise its not always poss. If they give you 3 days of steroids after the chemo try and take last one by about 3pm else you can be awake early hours! Having said all that - everyone is different and can react differently - the ladies I speak to on here tho all seem to be doing fine on FEC - it seems a long road but I am glad to say the time has passed very quickly and I cant wait to have last one - then its the se’s of tamoxifen I have to deal with! Good luck, dont panic - you will be fine xx lots a love to you xx

hi everyone, thanks for lovely feedback
Helen, I will be thinking of you, I hope it goes well and isn’t as bad for you as some find it. Hope I don’t start before the end of the month as its our 25th wedding anniversary on 25th Aug and we are trying to sort out a little break - main hols in late Sept are lost!
Deb, thanks for your positive comments - they are so helpful! I am in the lucky position of having kids in their early 20s so although they claim to live with us I don’t see much of them and they certainly won’t interfere with rest.
If its any help I had 5 years of tamoxifen last time when I was 38 and had no side effects at all - I hope its the same for you
thanks again, take care

Hi, I’m starting 6 x FEC on 24th August, so would definitely be good to compare notes! I am absolutely dreading it, which I’m sure everyone else is!!
Helen; I see you’re having FEC75. Is this what was advised by your onc? I was recommended 50 (or it might have been 60?!) but was told I could have 75 if I wanted. Did your onc mention the difference between the different FEC strengths in terms of effectiveness and side effects? Anyway, good luck with your dry run on the 24th, I’ll be thinking of you whilst I have my proper run!

Caro x

Hi girls

I did my FECx6 last Oct. I have to say that the tips on the top of this forum are really helpful!

I finished last chemo Jan 09. Here are some of my own notes

  • I lost my hair totally but now they come back. I was worried that they could come back patchy- but they are not! So you will have your hair back( even the one you donot want) back!

  • eat very small meals but more frequent

  • to find a main supporter and other helpers. Some could hlep mentally and some could do physical works.

  • do chat with girls in the furom, go to supporting groups

Hope this helps and many good wishes


hello Avonlea, thanks for your encouragement - that is the truly wonderful thing about this site, isn’t it!

Helen, Caro, just got word I start on Aug 26th, dry run on 25th, so will be timed right alongside you

so glad to have people to go through it with
take care all
monica x

I will be doing number 4 on the 3rd september (FEC)

Bit heads up= DO take the anti sickness BEFORE you feel sick. Take them regularily for a couple of days cos if you start being sick keeping the tablets down will then be a battle. I even woke myself in the night and took them- to be fair my bladder wakes me as so full of fluid!

Drink lots, snack and rest.

Take care
It is doable- not nice but doable

Sue, aren’t the steroids for anti-sickness…? I was hoping to avoid taking the ones they give you to take home, but you recommend taking them then…?

Monica, glad you have your start date. What’s all this ‘dry run’ lark?! How come I’m not getting one??? Oh, isn’t that the date of your wedding anniversary?!

Thanks everyone for all the good advice. I’m counting down the days and am absolutely terrified!! xxxx

Hi All

I start my course of FEC x 6 on Wed 2nd September…feel like I’m cramming everything into the next couple of weeks as I’m not sure how I’ll be feeling after the Swamp Juice kicks in!!

Great to exchange tips, advise and personal experiences on here, I’m keeping a list of things so it will be easier to refer too once everything gets going.

Caro-Just sent you a PM btw.



hi girls… i’m due to have my 6th and final Fec on 28th august.

after reading stuff on here you can clearly see that everyone has individual responses to treatment. but for me, it really does seem to have gone quite quickly and i haven’t suffered too badly. in general, i have felt a bit crap for a week then normal for two. a bit of nausea and aches and pains in the first week, but drank green tea with ginger slices and didn’t need to take antisickness meds! (that was personal for me and i’m NOT advising that people don’t take their anti sickness meds… i just think i was lucky)

the only problem for me has been really sore tight veins in my chemo arm (cording)and i am worried more about this because i am not sure how permanent it is going to be. everything else, (even baldness!) is totally do-able. crappy, but do-able. just make sure you drink lots of water. good luck everyone. xx

Congratulations Redcell for nearly being at the end of your FECing!! I also worry about the possibility of vein sclerosis, but I guess there’s not a lot you can do to prevent it… Thanks for the tips re green tea and ginger. It seems ginger in any form is recommended by many people. Scotch and ginger ale perhaps…?!

Think I’m going to stick with the FEC instead of the TAC, as have just been reading about the nasty effects of TAC on the heart. I guess it’s all about weighing up the risks.

Anyway, I’ll be wishing you luck on the 28th; lucky you!

Caro xx

Hi all

My experiences on FEC are much the same as everyone elses. Have 3/4 off days and then 2 good weeks! I take all the meds they give me including the anti-sickness pills which help and like Evie says I take mine regularly before I start to feel nausesus. Ginger helps me no end, so does tonic water and lemon barley and I drink at least 2.5 litres of water a day. Green tea with lemon is also good. I have prunes to help with the constipation also and cranberry to keep any cystitus at bay!
Caro - I will be having my 4th FEC on 24th Aug so I will be with you in spirit honi!


I’m scheduled to start my 6 cycles of FEC on 24th August - the same day as you Caro.

It is good to read positive comments from those of you who have finished or are going through the treatment - thanks for those - it makes it feel a bit less daunting. Thanks for the top tips as well!


caro - nurse said you dont need to take steroids at all and people dont BUT the ones or do that tend to be sicker. i have halved my dose and i stop after day 2. I found the fall out of coming of the steroids made me too ill to care for my kids.i was literally shaking all over with no strength to even feed myself…obv they dont suit me but the half dose seems fine so far. i have two anti sickness tabs to counteract taking less steroids. iguess you have to find your own way!

tricky old business chemo but yep it is doable…just…



I am due to start 6 things of FEC very soon, not got date through yet. Am worried about it, it is just not knowing how the drug will affect you! Would be really nice to make contact with people who are starting at the same time. Also am 35 so having to decide what to do with my ovaries!! Any advice or people going through the same would be most welcome.
Thanks and hope everyone has a good week.

Trumpet xx

Hi all

I had 4 cycles of FEC which I finished in May. I got very sick with FEC but had my anti sickness changed to something very strong which worked. It’s call levomepromazine so if anyone gets very sick, that’s the one to go for! I had that in addition to the steroids, granisitron and domperidone. I had the latter two half an hour before the FEC was administered. My level of sickness was unusual so fingers crossed for all of you that you don’t get too sick.

I found drinking anything difficult and strangely all I really fancied was fizzy drinks and green tea. I have heard that flat coca cola is good to have but personally didn’t want that. Eating little and often definitely helped to settle my tummy.

Good luck to you all and hope it all goes well
Elinda x