FEC-T 100 side effects when will they end?

Hi I’m Franci 50 years .

Had WLI and full auxillary clearance in April… 4 out of 26 nodes affected. Also as margins

 not clear will have  mastectomy with free flap reconstuction after radiotherapy.


Just had my 6th and last Chemo a week ago. ( 3x FEC 3x Tax)

I am so glad it’s over but still feel very scared about how long the after effects will contnue.

I know many feel they can work through Chemo after cycle two I felt too vunerable to do so.

I’m going back to work in 2 weeks and need to hear some positive feedback.


I know each one of us will be different , 

but,  I’d like to be prepared for what’s to come.

If there are any women who have had any of the following please tell me how it was for you.


-Finger nails. 

How likely am I to loose my nails and when?


How long did it take for your arm veins to heal?

-Burning underarms and shoulders.

Will this subside or will it continue long term.

-Hot flushes

-Poor Sleep


I know these topics may have been covered before but I’d really like some encouragement.


Many thanks

Best wishes to all out there


Franci  xx


Hi Franci…pleased for you that chemo has finished, and hope that your planned surgery is successful. As you say we are all different; happy to share my experience if that helps.

Finished FEC-T in July 2012…lost a few fingernails over the next 6 weeks, however they were all long and strong by December and I painted them a vibrant shade of red over the festive season- just because I could :slight_smile:

My veins took around 4 months to recover as I had all my treatment via a cannula (refused any more invasion of my body e.g. PICC line). Used a combination of massage with sunflower oil and stretching. A couple of veins are not quite back to how they were, but I live with that and they don’t give me any trouble!

Can’t help with burning sensation, sorry, as that didn’t happen to me. Hope someone else will be able to advise.

Hot flushes…I was post-menopausal having gone through that with few symptoms, so was a little unprepared for the hot flushes Anastrozole brought! However, they have settled down to 2-3 a day and I stick to the same brand which helps. You could try vitamin E which might help over a couple of months, a chillow for night and to be honest, I just work through it, knowing it will be over shortly…take off my cardigan, drink water and put my face in front of a fan lol.

Again, don’t really have trouble sleeping, although sleep less hours than before…I make sure I am really, really tired before bed, drink a glass of milk (dash of brandy in it helps) and bought some blackout curtains which are really good. I worked full time as a school business manager all through chemo (except low white blood cell days) and rads (my choice) and I was sooooo slow and tired by the end…however it kept me mentally alert, and helped me not to dwell on the treatment…School was really supportive, and still is when they see I am flagging!! Even now though by about 2pm I am ready for a nap. I usually pop out for a bit of fresh air for 5 mins which keeps me awake!!

I fast walked the Race for Life a year after treatment, and to be honest, apart from lurking on this forum trying to give a bit of enouragement to people, it does now all feel like it happened to someone else! OK…my hair is still horribly thin, I have barely any eyebrows and general aches/pains from Anastrozole, but my life is great with lots to look forward to :slight_smile:

So…all the very best for your return to work, pace yourself, try and live in the moment, as ‘we are where we are’ and nothing can change that…be at peace with and, most importantly, be kind to yourself x