FEC-T 6 cycles starting soon

I have been told that my chemo (FEC-T) will be starting in 2-3 week as waiting for a heart scan appointment first. 

Just wondering what I need to prep for. How ill will I feel and for how long? I live on my own, reckon I’ll be alright to look after myself (I’m so stubborn and independent so happy to just stay on own and sleep for a week if that what it takes). 
I’m feeling like it’s impossible to prepare for as everyone’s experience is so varied. 

Any advice is very welcomed. 
Hope you are all well

Hi there @Rudy1  

I had my first EC nearly 3 weeks ago. My experience wasn’t typical, but I did have severe nausea for around 6 days after. I was prescribed different antiemetics but nothing made much difference. I’m mentioning it only to make a few suggestions so that you can be prepared, especially since you’re on your own. It’s much more likely that you won’t be as bad as I was, and I’m hoping to get some different medication when I have my next cycle on Tuesday.

You’ll need a selection of different juices, squash and flavoured water, in the hope something will appeal! Herbal teas were also quite good, remember you should be drinking at least 2 litres daily. I lived on crackers and crisps of different kinds, eventually with some cheese. My first meal was on Day 5- mac ‘n’ cheese! Maybe have a few meals like that ready in your freezer, plus bread to make toast. It’s unlikely you’ll feel much like cooking. My husband also made up small quantities of fruit salad with grapes, melon and tinned pineapple, which tasted really good. 

I wasn’t able to read or watch TV, but I did listen to the radio, and had some podcasts already downloaded. Scrolling on my phone and iPad just made me feel worse! 

You ‘ll also need to be recording your temperature twice daily, and cleaning your mouth and teeth regularly then using a saline mouth wash. Make sure you have hand cream, lip balm and moisturiser. I didn’t have diarrhoea or constipation but both seem quite common, so you might want to buy some remedies for those, as well as Paracetamol for headaches.

Hopefully that’s given you a few suggestions, I’m sure others will have ideas too. Wishing you all the best XX

Hi, I’m starting in a few weeks. Just wondering how you are getting on? I’ve opted for the cold cap and praying I can keep most of my hair x


Just wondering how far you are though your Fec-T treatment, and how you are finding it so far? x