FEC-T joint pain

This is my first post since my diagnosis in January this year.
I am doing FEC-T and just had first dose of Taxotere 6 days ok which was fine. Hair completely wimped out over weekend and gave up the fight. That was after dose 4 I did 2 cold cap sessions, was still experiencing loss of hair and made decision to stop cold cap when reached Taxotere. Anyway, having a sleepless night as I have been experiencing ‘throbbing joint pain’ which is preventing me from sleeping. The only pain killer I currently have is paracetamol which has taken the edge off it. Has anyone else experienced this and when does it pass? I will get some ibruprofen in morning and hopefully get some sleep.

Hi BooLem

Welcome to the BCC discussion forums where I am sure the many informed users of this site will be along soon to help.  In the meantime please don’t hesitiate to give our helpline a call, the staff are here to support you.  Calls are free 0808 800 6000 lines open at 9am today through to 5pm (weekdays) and 10-5 Saturdays.

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Hi BooLem,
I finished fec-t in Dec 2013 & also suffered from aches and pains, I described it as feeling like I’d been beaten up with a baseball bat! For me it lasted 3 or 4 days initially I alternated paracetamol & ibuprofen and 3 hot water bottles, I also invested in a electric blanket. Prior to my next dose of ‘T’ I complained bitterly to my onc hoping he’d prescribe stronger pain killers, he actually gave me more steroids and called it a ‘steroid tail’ it was like a miracle cure no aches or pains. Ask your team about it before your next dose.
Good luck x

I am having FEC-T at the moment. I had the second T today. I had pain after the first one, that kept me awake too. It lasted for 3/4 days and then went away. I used paracetamol. Oncologist told me to use paracetemol and ibuprofen this time but if that wasn’t enough to try co-codamol. Once the pain and very sore mouth went away I felt much better than I have done since I started the chemo. The worst pain I had was low down in my back and reminded me of labour pains!

Thanks Nikki, I had been taking 16mg of steroids prior to and after the T and the pain started yesterday when I had stopped. Took the steroids for 6 days. The paracetamol and ibruprofen seem to be controlling it and hopefully it eases for Friday as going to see Take That. Looking forward to some sleep tonight ?


Thanks for replies - I sent husband out to all all night supermarket to stock me up with ibruprofen yesterday and the joint pain has eased off. I had been taking steroids prior to starting and for 5 days after. The pain started on day 6 so will ask the onc. about the ‘tapping’ down process. I was on 16 mg and then dropped to 8mg followed by 4mg. Managed to sleep last night and have the sore mouth. The comparison to labour pains definitely struck a chord as that was exactly how I described them to my husband - waves of contractions. Won’t be caught short again, well stocked up for my next dose.
Out of interest, have you had your lumps removed yet or are you doing FEC-T to try and shrink a lump? I am the latter plan is to shrink the lump 1mm from skin to get a lumpectomy. Just wondering how effective T is at shrinking as FEC didn’t really make much difference to my lump.

Fingers crossed you will be well enough to enjoy the Take That concert. I had my lump removed before chemo so can’t help you over that question.

Boolem, I can’t remember the dosages but it sounds to me like you’re already on the steroid tail as normal steroid dosage is the day before, the day of and just one day after for ‘T’. Codeine is very good for pain it can’t be bought over the counter though you need a prescription trouble is if you take it for too long you get constipated, you can buy Codiene & paracetamol over the counter not quite as good but much better than paracetamol.
Can’t help with your other question as I had mx prior to chemo.
Take care

I wish I could say it goes after a couple of days. It doesn’t. I finished FEC-T on 23rd January and had pain in my joints and upper legs until March. I only realised after my op that I hadn’t had pain for maube a few days.


I spoke to my oncology nurse and took Co-codomol at night. I am not suggesting you do this, but I am suggesting talking to your nurse about it and see what she says,