fec - tumour not responding very well



has anybody had the same situation and can share experiences or advice? Just been told that after three cycles of FEC (triple negative breast cancer) the tumour has only shrunk by as little as 0.5mm. 


Obviously it’s good to hear that the tumour hasn’t grown but it’s disheartening that it’s not really done much! 


What may be next from here? ?


thanks x

Hi Snowy 

I was Diagnosed with IDC in May 18, I had 4 cycles of EC, and 12 cycles of paclitaxal. 

Had the mastectomy in Dec 18. Oncologist told me the chemo had only shrunk the tumour by 3cm, I had a 9cm tumour. 

Surgery removed all the cancer, so all very positive. 

Dont be disheartened, Surgery will remove what the chemo hasn’t. 

Lots of luck with the rest of your treatments.