Having my second FEC tomorrow. I seemed to go through FEC one with very few side effects. I’ve read so many stories about how people are after chemo, and I think just because I was ok on FEC one does not mean I will be ok on FEC two, but here’s hoping. The hair does seem to be giving up though, and perhaps after tomorrow there will be even less of it. Feeling very aprehensive since I’ve read about people being fine on number one but their other treatments being totally awful, so everyone that was fine on one and fine on all others please reassure me that it’s possible.

Hi Myra

I have now had 4 FEC and the only thing that has got worse is the tiredness. I was told by my onc that is the only cumulative effect. Like you I had few side effects (lucky me) and I wish you the same.

Good luck tomorrow and for the rest of your bc journey

Sharon x

Hi Myra

I have had 3 x FEC, 2 x Taxotere - having last one tomorrow. I was OK on FEC - lost all my hair which when it falls out is pretty upsetting, but once its gone you soon get used to it - it has started to grow back on Tax. I have had no nausea, just tiredness and bit of a dry mouth.

Tax is harder and I get tired pretty quickly now, but I am OK and have just had 4 days away by the sea with quite a bit of walking (well, for me at the moment!) - I just had to take lots of little breaks to get my breath and strength back!

Good luck tomorrow and hope it goes as well as last time


Hi Myra

Just to wish you luck - I join you today with FEC number 2. Like you I have been ok after the first one so just hope that continues through today and the third. I am trying to avoid reading the taxotere threads as I have three of those after the FEC! My hair gave up totally after the second week but at least the affected armpit is also now clear.

Let me know how you get on and a big hug



I have had 3 FEC and was fine with all of them, just sick once afterwards and minor probs i.e. thrush, gum infection, indigestion, all manageable, sounds worse when you write it down!

Had 1st Taxotere yesterday, early days but no nausea and sickness and feel great today so making most of it! Out for nice coffee with friend.

Dilys and anyone else going on Tax next: there is quite a good thread going at the moment re Tax, a few of us starting it recently - its not too scarey!! But its early days for all of us!
Good luck and you’ll be fine if youve been okay so far!

Take care everyone! Lots of rests and sleeps!
Pauline x

Dear Pauline

Thanks so much. I tend to take the blind optimism route at every twist and turn of this game so may be it will be ok! You just made me feel a whole lot better. Funny isn’t it? I thought had been just fine after the first one but when the onc asked about symptoms it sounded loads worse than it actually was! But really it was fine. I’ll have a look at that thread later - need to get myself going now.

Thanks for being there and lots of love to all


Hi Myras
As a FEC veteran, 6th and last tommorrow, I can only emphasise that each cycle is different and confirm that the only accumalative effect is the tiredness. Even this is manageble with good support and “listening to your body”. My worsed was after the 1st, so I dreaded the rest as assumed the samewould happen and I`d just get worse and worse, not so for the 2nd to 5th cycles I was relatively OK other than the predictable and manageable complaints.
Hope you go OK

Hi Myra

I am back and ok so far - just a bit spaced out as before but that wore off. Going to sit in a chair and be peaceful for a while. Hope you got on all right my dear.

Love as ever


Hi Myras

Sorry I’m a bit late with this one. Just to say I had my second FEC on Tuesday and I feel fine, I actually had less nausea than last time. I feel a bit hot and headachy but nothing that I can’t manage.

Best of luck to you,


Hi girls

I had FEC number 2 over a week ago, and it hit me far worse this time…really fatigued. The nausea has been easier, but still present to a certain degree. I’m hoping the next one will be better!


Hi Myra,

apologies for the lateness, only just caught up with this thread! I really hope you got on ok today and are feeling not too bad so far. I am on a different chemo to you, E-CMF, and have so far completed the epi and 1 full cycle of CMF. As with what so many others have said, the only thing that got progressively worse for me was the tiredness. I just got more and more fatigued each time as the chemo accumulated and it would take slightly longer each time to recover. That said, I’m not finding the CMF too bad at all (famous last words!!!), but watch this space…

Anyway, I really hope you’re doing ok,

Take care,


hi all going through FEC…or any chemo
I had 4 FEC and fortunately had very few side effects…i hope you all get through your chemo without any problems.

Remember to take care of yourselves

karen x

Hi Karen

You are such a comfort. I am hoping to copy you. Thanks for posting - shows it can be done.

Yours in hope


I had 6 FEC and tiredness was the main problem, once I had adjusted to the hair loss!

Good luck to all and count down the days until it is over and give yourself a treat after each one when you feel more like your normal self. Soon it will be history.

Margaret x

Hi everyone

All your responses gave me so much confidence to face FEC two today. I’m pleased to report that I’m fine so far. I can see tiredness being the main problem, but that’s manageable. The hair is certainly giving way though, and I’m on the look out for hats. Thank you to everyone who convinced me that FEC two would probably be no worse than FEC one, that meant I went in believing I was going to be ok, which I am sure contributed to me being ok.

Dear Myas

I had my second FEC 2 weeks ago and can confirm that I am pretty tired this week, for the last couple of days, but not debilitatingly so. I have been to work this week. A lot of my hair went about 16 days after the first FEC, and doesn’t seem to be shedding much more. I have bald patches on the top and sides. One thing I did have was bad itching around my neck for a couple of days, 4 days after the FEC, also really itchy eyebrows bizarrely, but they are not shedding. I have also had pains in my lump (my lump is being removed after chemo) but have been reassured this is normal and it’s not bad enough to need painkillers, just a shift of sitting or lying position eases it.

Other than that I have no side effects that are not usual, the occasional nausea perhaps but nothing not unbearable at all.

Good luck with the rest of your treatment.

Cecelia. x

Dear Myra

Glad you are ok. I still am. Glass of forbidden wine helps! If the hair goes help it on its way or it will drive you nuts. Can’t wait to be on the thread about getting it back though.

Take care and sleep tight. And well done today. Further on towards the end of all this fun!



Hi Myra,

Glad you’re doing OK, hang in there. Are you trying the cold cap at all? If you find any nice hats let me know, rather a lot of hair in the brush this morning!

Take care,


I was ok on first FEC. Second one I was worse and ended up in hospital. Third one - Brilliant. No Side effects whatso ever

Now finished and starting Taxotere next week. Great to know possibility hair may start growing back