Hi, I’m 11 days after first FEC. I Was violently sick for first two days and have been generally unwell since. I developed large red spots with yellow heads that itched all over my face, head , ears, back and chest. I was told I had an intermediate chance of recurrance and they said they was not sure if I needed chemo or not. I am really fed up and wonder if I will ever recover from all this and feel my normal self once again. I am simply dreading the next dose next week. With all the worry that it. An come back I wonder if any one ever gets back to their normal life again?

Hi Susy

Sorry you had a rough time. Have you contacted the hospital and told them how you’re feeling, they maybe able to help.
Im on FEC too and am having my 4th dose tomorrow I too have had spots that are on my arms, chest and back. I think its quite common.

I have 2 friends that have been through this (they had FEC too). One is now 9 years clear and she said that she now sometimes thinks did it really happen to her and the other is 3 years ,life for her is back to ‘normal’.

It is daunting but you will get lots of support on here. Have you joined the March Chemo thread? You will find people going through the same stages as you and share your worries and find answers to your questions.

Big Hugs Gill xx


Sorry to hear you’ve had these side-effects - that’s horrible. I hope that your hospital team have some useful suggestions to make which might help with these specific side-effects next time around - so do ask, as there may be some different anti-sickness pills you could have and treatment for the rash too.

I can’t pretend that the rest of your chemo will be a breeze but I can assure you that some of us do get our normal life back. I felt rotten for the first 10 days or so after each dose of chemo but was then gradually able to do a few enjoyable things each day like a little trip to the shops or lunch with friends.

After the full 6 doses it took a while to get back to normal (partly because I then had rads which made me very tired), but I was soon back at work, having a social life, going on holiday and doing fun stuff.

Hi Susy, so sorry to hear you are struggling. Please talk to your oncology team to get your anti sickness adjusted, there are very many different anti emetics you can take and hopefully they can prescribe a combination that works better for you. I had lots of spots (like being a teen again) and the typical chemo face. Rest assured that your body will recovery, hair grows back, skin recovers and energy restores, Chemo is so so challenging on all levels but you can get through! The top tips for chemo thread is a very good read, have you joined any of the current chemo threads to get support from others at the same stage as you? Your onc should explain why you are having chemo and the decision would be well founded to benefit your prognosis. Hang in there, take a day at a time! xx

Thank you for your support. I am just struggling to see light at the end of the tunnel as you don’t seem to get a break from surgery before he next stage is started (I don’t mean to moan as I am so very grateful that this treatment is available) I’m just tired I think and worried about next FEC. I have spoken to hospital and they say they will try new meds next time so it’s fingers crossed time.

Hi Susy,

Sorry to hear you are feeling so awful. As others have said do contact your Oncology Dept or Breast Care Nurse and discuss your
anti-sickness medication.

I had 6 FEC and was violently sick on first one. My anti-sickness tablets were completely changed and wasn’t sick again for the rest
of the chemo sessions. Did still feel nauseous for a few days but bearable.

Do hope FEC2 is better for you.


Hi Susy

Sorry to hear you are suffering but glad you have spoken with the ONC team and they will adjust your meds…never hide your SE’s from your team, utilise them, almost have the attitude that you tell them what meds you need to see you through the worse days, they are usually all ears and willing to help as only you know how you feel.

Its really odd how chemo affects all of us so differently, I was OK with FEC, no nausea at all, just tired, taste buds gone and of course lost all my hair. My worst SE’s were on Taxotere, but even that was do-able, just about to have my last chemo (no. 8) this Wednesday.

Hope it all gets sorted.

Hi Suzy

So sorry you having such a rough time on FEC, it isnt pleasant but you will get through it.

When you cant see the light at the end of the tunnel just have faith that it is there. I struggled too but am now out the other side and getting on with life

I hope your unit can make the next one more bearable with different meds.

Big hugs
Clare x

Hi Susy

I had 3 FEC and 3 Taxotere. I was very sick with the first two FEC. Cyclizine was the drug which stopped the sickness for me - the first 2 sessions by injection after vomiting had started but I had tablets from the outset for the 3rd and it prevented the nausea and vomiting from happening. I didn’t have nausea or vomiting with Taxotere but the usual joint and bone pain, fatigue and sleeplessness and felt like a 90 year old, hardly able to walk about for the first 8 days after treatment.

10 days after my 5th chemo I cycled 10 miles. I had my last chemo on 21 March and this Sunday, 12 days afer, I walked up my first fell. So you can begin to get some normality back quite quickly. However, I’m waiting to start radiotherapy so I’ve been advised this will be very tiring so I may take a backward step for a while.

Just hang on in there. I know there are days when it feels like it will never end, particularly when you’re unable to sleep. After my 3rd and 4th I couldn’t imagine ever walking up a fell or cycling again but that light is there and it will get brighter.