I keep worrying so better to get it out there and ask, has anyone else with grade 3, HER2 + had ‘just’ FEC (not FEC-T), followed by herceptin?





Good luck for Monday Isabelle, I agree check with your oncologist about the regime just so your clear xxx

i have had 3 fec, due to start t tomorrow, i said think lump has shrunk, so now they are saying i may only have fec? i am confused about this as my nodes have shown to be involved,

HI Isabella, my BC was as yours and I was booked for FEC-T but was stoppd at just FEC because the treatment made me so very ill. I then moved straight on to herseptin and now had 5/18 traetments. My Oncologist told me you cant have the herceptin without chemo because thats how the hercptin was trialled so we all have to follow this regime although lots of current trials are provving now that in fact its just as good to just do the herceptin. She also told me that many, many patients only have one FEC treatment and they have for years done very well indeed. The main part of the treatment as she told me was this herceptin and its just important to enter this treatment feeling as well as possible. Im doing OK although the chemo had knocked my heart efficiency down to 50% which is border line for having the treatment so I work on exercising as much as I can daily to build my heart stregnth back. All my best wishes to you Sue x