Does anyone know if there are different types of FEC, I was floored by mine (finished now and still off work and very fatigued 6 weeks after) but my friend had FEC75 and is still continuing to work??? I wonder if also she had a lumpectomy and I had a mastetomy would that have much of any affect. I have done everything my consultant said and she is still smoking!!! I am feeling like a fraud with my sick notes but really there is no way I could go back to work.


Give yourself a break we arent all the same, I had the greatest of intentions of working through my chemo how little did I know. I am having FEC 75 and have read somewhere about a FEC 100 if that helps? Think it is all to do with stage, grade lymph node inv etc. as to which one you are given.

If you check on the thread Cant sleep after first FEC you will see that we are all having very different symptoms and reactions to this chemo. If you are still feeling tired then your body obviously still needs the rest, its better that you get yourself right before returning to work rather than having to have more time off in the future.

Sending hugs



I have posted this on behalf of Terry


My wife is just having her second FEC now and after the first one she slept on average 16 to 18 hours a day. Even when she had 11 sessions of Taxotere she was not this bad.

Hi Karen and Terry

Thanks so much for your comments they made me feel a load better, I suppose its human nature to compare!! But then theres different cancers, treatments etc

Karen; I looked on the other thread - thanks for recommending

Terry: I hope your wife is well

Good luck to anyone reading this going through chemo