Fed up being ill, having treatment

Fed up being ill, having treatment

Fed up being ill, having treatment Hello fellow insomniacs!

I’ve just got up again to take pain killers as can’t sleep. Had a very eventful wk with firstly having my op to reomve rodent ulcer from my nose. It was pretty horrible, being awake and the injections into my face were awful too. I then had major probs with serious pain from my shoulder.

Op had to be stopped while they tried to help but the only thing that helped was moving my head so just had to grin and bare it till surgeon had finished. Now have an awful dressing sewn to my face, gruesom I can tell you. Still, I’m off to have that removed today thank goodness.

Also been to physio re shoulder. She says its linked to my mastectomy and node clearance. It’s all stiffened up so have some new exercises and already feel a bit better.

Started rads yesterday so 14 more of them to go. Today I have to travel from one side of the country to the other, Carlisle to Newcastle for different treatments, it’s costing us a fortune in expenses.

And to top of the wk, I have an infected, re-occuring cist on my sleeping side which is very painful so started anti-biotics today. I rattle when I walk I take so many pills these days.

Well I suppose I should try sleep again, got an early start tomorrow. Sorry to moan but glad you are here to listen when I have these low days.

Night night


Hello Irene You really have gone throught the mill. I remember my Mum having a rodent ulcer on her nose about 5 years ago so I have an inkling of what you are going through with it. It seems so unfair having to deal with that on top of BC. You are fully entitled to feel fed-up, angry and tired of the whole business.

To be frank I feel in a similar frame of mind and I do not have half the problems you have. I had a Hickman line fitted yesterday. I know it will make things easier and save me a lot of pain but for some reason having a piece of piping sticking out of my chest has really got to me. Didn’t sleep last night either because of the pain in my neck. The treatment for BC just seems to go on for so long it is sometimes hard to see the end of it. This is the first time I have really felt down so I guess after goodnights sleep and few more painkillers I’ll pick up.

anyway - thanks for letting me have a moan back. I just feel i have to stay upbeat for my husband - he copes pretty well with all the practical stuff but seems to find the emotional stuff really difficult. Is this a man thing???

Please take care - hope the nose heals well. My mum’s looked fine after a couple of months, You had to look really closely to see the patch.
Love Swanie

Hey there

I never come into the section of the forum just wanted to say it gets easier honest! I found swimming really good for my arm and the god awful sweats! (just check you’ve left enough time after chemo for your immune system) and something as simple as watching tv on the bed with my arm stretched behind me helped loads and I have no problems at all now.

Its been just over a year since my last lot of 15rads and its flown!

All the best and ever want a moan i hang out on the younger womens and the scary secondaries bit…understand if you dont want to come onto that one.

All the best Lynnc

PS i take a tramadol to help me sleep!

rodent ulcer Hi

My Mum had a rodent ulcer removed two weeks ago by mohs surgery. She said that it was very painful. A flap technique was used and she had 11 stitches across her nose into the corner of her eye. She was very bruised to begin with and had a true black eye that she could hardly open.
The stitches were removed a week later and the first signs of a good result look promising.
Best of luck with yours.
Take care