Fed up of annual scans

Hi everyone,


A quick bit of my background… My mum had breast cancer twice under 50 but tested negative for BRCA1&2 when tested about 15 years ago, but I was still labelled as high risk because they say there may be genes we have that they haven’t found yet. So, from the age of 30 I’ve had annual breast MRIs and from 35 I’ve had ovarian scans (I’m now 37). I don’t have children, but would love to have some - whether or not that will happen is a whole other thing!


Anyway, I’m REALLY grateful I get kept such a close eye on, and at first I had no problem with the scans,but after so many years, the novelty has really worn off! Over that time I’ve had a number of biopsies including an MRI guided one but always come back clear and I’ve stressed a lot at times. I find the MRIs really unpleasant, but I put up with it cause I’m thankful I get them.


Im fed up of going for the tests, of waiting for and worrying about results, of feeling guilty for wasting NHS money. I feel stupid for stressing about the results when there is most likely nothing wrong and I don’t like to bother people with my nebulous worrying. I don’t know anyone else in this situation so the only reaction I ever get is ‘oh, it’s just routine’.


I also dislike the ‘have you managed to have a family yet?’ conversation that can come up with doctors who a seem bizarrely keen to chop things off and whip bits out. I find that subject upsetting enough as it is without feeling judged like I’ve been putting it off just to increase my risk of dying of cancer.


My breast and ovarian tests are due in the next month, and to add to the fun, I’m also due a bone scan to see if my crumbly bones are getting worse and another MRI to see if I’ve got a brain tumour! 


I get that the chances are that the outcome of those four tests is almost certainly going to be positive but still, it’s normal to be a bit stressed and fed up isn’t it?! Or am I making an unnecessary fuss? 

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Going for tests and waiting for results is stressful so I do understand how you feel.  The problem is if you decide to stop screening then you may not get offered it again.  I have annual screening, I do get anxious a couple of weeks before, and again waiting for the results but I think I would worry more if I didn’t have screening as its reassuring when the results come back that all is well. 

Best wishes