Hi everyone,

I am 6months post BC, WLE, 6 x FEC,rads and thankfully no more treatment needed. I should be feeling Happy snd moving on with my life!
but no I feel so low sometimes and down. I consider myself to be very lucky in many ways, I did not have masectomy, supportive family and friends.
I knew life would not be easy after treatment, but blimey. i thought I would be able to get on with things, but sometimes I just cry, i feel no one understands. i feel the i have let myselfdown by getting BC. ( i know not my fault).
I feel all my friends are mving on and getting somewhere in life, but I feel i am stuck in the mud. my confidende has taken a knock, i but on a brave face, but inside I terrified.
my partner is busy with his business and has to travel alot. i am working but it is only temporary and I feel unsettled.
i sorry to moan. i know there are others who have much more to moan about than me.
i p****d off what BC has done to me. I want to feel like me again. i still wear my wig even though I have a full head of v short hair. i can not bring myself to let go. i feel if i do then i am admitting what has happedned to me. i think I am doing ok until i look at my body and my hair.
i emotional and feel i alwayss going to be like this. i hate it!