fed up

I am fed up
Today was my third rads session
However despite having no problems first two times today the radiographers could not line me up to have treatment. After half an hour of hopping on and off the table, being pushed, pulled and prodded i was told that my tattoos were out of alignment with each other. They say it is very common and is because i have changed shape (obviously overnight!) or i am less tense.
Had to leave without having my treatment, and go back to planning. They were fully booked so had to sit for three hours until I could be squeezed in to be remarked up
Has this happened to anyone else? Have come home completely shattered
Then had to go to Drs where i was expecting to receive my prescription for Tamoxifen from my gp to find that despite fisnishing treatment a month ago Oncologist still has written to Gp so he does not know how much to prescibe
What a day!
(and i have no wine to drink)

Oh Jools,
this is just so typical of all his treatment - i know it’s all highly complex and lots of diferent facets to it, but it is so incredibly frustrating isn’t it? All that time and effort and you go home with nothing to show for it. I think you’d better go out and find some wine, or get someone to come over and bring a bottle. You need a treat after the day you’ve had. Any chocolate cake in the house?
Big hug and wish i had a magic wand
jacquie x

Oh Jools was a p***y day you had and I hope I won’t be joining you. I have my first rads Monday and what worries me is that I can’t see the ruddy tattoos so I hope they can. The only two I can see are the ones on each side of my torso, but I know she did one or two round my breast. I have even had hubby searching for them - now that’s dangerous.

Best of luck

Norma x
Hope you got that bottle in now !

Still couldnt line me up today even after being remarked
At one stage had half a dozen radiographers in the room pulling and pushing
Think its going to be a long long 5 weeks


Jools - so sorry to hear of the problems you are having - I’ve never heard anyone else having the same problem. I’m just over half way through my rads and thought that the only problem would be broken skin. i would never have thought that they would have to remark anyone - you must be frustrated as this is the ‘easy’ part!!!

oh Jools, how frustrating and humiliating for you. You must be feeling like a lump of meat :frowning:
Sincerely hope that they get it all sorted and things start moving as they should.

Sorry to hear this has happened to you, but for what it’s worth, it makes me feel better about my own experiences. I was due to start treatment last Tuesday, but the tattoos from the two planning sessions in early October had “disappeared”. Back to the hospital (two hour journey each way including a ferry crossing) on Friday for an hour’s planning. The four radiographers were unable to line up the original measurements and couldn’t make an executive decision without a doctor present, so back again today. Pleased to say they were able to reach a decision and I am now re-tattood and raring to get on with treatment. I suppose the consolation is that they are being cautious in order to target the treatment as accurately as possible.