Feel isated


To cut along story short I found a lump in my thigh 6 months ago . I went to the doctors and he wasn’t interested . I also started with shoulder and collarbone pain but asid had a fall I thought nothing of it . The lump on my thigh grew and I could feel at least 4 little nodules around it so I went back to the doctors and have an MRI scan booked in for June 1st.
A few days ago I had pain in my chest I felt as if I was getting pneumonia again this is when ifoynd a lump at the very top of my right Breast . I went to the doctors and she has referred me for a mama gram … I think there’s a swelling under my arm pit too . I’m not one to moan I was brought up In a household where you get on with it and go to work regardless … I’m in a lot of pain it feels like someone’s playing pinball inside me some days … My right arm and shoulder hurt like hell and its keeping me awake at night even with naproxen . I darent tell my family or friends I don’t want to worry them but I just know my own body and it’s not right at all… if it is cancer I’ll get on with it regardless … Thankyou for listening I needed to voice. Xx

Hi julieann, I’m sorry you have these worries but your on your way to getting them checked out which is the important thing.


Always someone here to share your thoughts with and we completely understand how your feeling especially about not wanting to worry your family and friends but I think we would all agree with hindsight that sharing your worries with them is actually a good thing as you don’t have to bottle everything up which just enhances your anxiety levels. 


All the best Xx Jo