Feel like fraud......

Hi, I’m new here and a bit nervous about putting myself out there. Been reading other posts and so inspired and touched by everyone. I’m going to the breast clinic on Thursday. Nearly 2 weeks ago my left breast felt different to when I usually check it, no lump as such but different. GP not worried but as per protocol referred me. My hubby is also a GP and can’t feel anything in either breast. I’ve now realised I did my check just before my period (which I never do) and they were really swollen and sore. I’m 40 with 2 young children (10 & 2) and I’m scared. I know I’d be silly not to go and feel a fraud being worried compared to what others are going through. Terrified of what they might find ? but trying to keep busy x

Hi FlorenceMay,
Don’t feel a fraud…you are doing the right thing getting it checked out. Hopefully it’s just natural changes re period but best to check and quite natural to feel concerned about it all. As I’m sure you are aware most lumps are not cancer. Distractions, a tad of meditation and keep talking to those close to you if/when you need to.

Thanks very much for your post. I’m trying very much to take each day at a time and thinking positive. I’m so worried about my kids, particularly my daughter who gets really anxious if I’m ill at the best of times. I do tend to think the worst and I’m trying not to. Thanks for the tip on meditation, I’m reading about mindfulness as part of my studies and have found it helpful.

If you are interested in mindfulness try visualisation…sit or lie down, close your eyes and imagine you are somewhere you feel peace/calm/release. It may be somewhere near the sea or up a mountain where ever. Imagine the views, try to recollect and playback the sounds, the smells…the wind or breeze against your skin, the sun on your face etc. It takes a bit of practice but is a real life skill if you can do it. That’s why I chose Seabreeze for my name on here…can even reduce blood pressure and base rate if I try…just take myself to Devon coast in my head! Hope it helps.

I’ll give that a try, thanks. I’m ok during the day when I’m busy, it’s night-time really when the panic can take over. Appreciate your posts (and love the name, it does sound peaceful).