Feel like I am on tour

Just feel like a moan sorry. My consultant works at 2 hospitals so mammogram at solihull, diagnosis at good hope, preop at good hope them surgery at solihull but on the morning of my op have to go via heartlands so I can have blue dye injected then my rads will be either queen Elizabeth or Coventry (yet to be confirmed) with these appointments here there and everywhere can’t even buy discounted parking as restricted to issuing hospital only. Not sure yet where I will get biopsy results after op or where oncology appointment will be. Just have to keep checking I am going the right place at the right time ? x Moan over xx

I had my treatment over 3 hospitals too.Its like a merry go round insnt it !! A friend going through treatment at same time in Cumbria had hers over 4 and had to travel from Barrow to Preston for her radiotherapy, about a 100 mile round trip !!!

Wow 100 mikes that’s a lot … I am sure they do it like this to ensure you get the best treatment but I do worry that I might miss an appointment or end up in the wrong place x

Actually it was 140 miles round trip !!Yes different hospitals have different specialisms that’s why , the radiotherapy units are quite spread out it must be more cost effective I think.

I know I felt like that in the beginning kept ringing up to double check where I should be !!!



Oh flip that really is a pain especially when you are between to health foundations. 


When I had my rads at the QE Birmingham, I was given a ticket every day to use to get out of the car park free and that was the case for my planning appointment and all my rads.  They do that as a matter of course if you/someone is driving you to the appointments.  I dont know about Cov though.


Helena xxx



Maybe the QE will give me that but I was considering getting the train as swap at new street then just 2nd stop from new street for hospital but will see how I feel nearer the time and of course I might be sent to Cov yet. Where in Birmingham did you have your op Helena? X

My daughter under QE for a medical condition it is a nice hospital x