Feel scared

I was diagnosed with breast cancer on 19th June and am going in tomorrow for a lumpectomy ! Apparently it is first grade cancer so they say and my chances of survival are good . My concern is this is my first op and have never had an anastethic so dont know what to expect. The lump was diagnosed through routine breast screening as I am over 50 but thank god I went for the scan !

Good luck with the op. It all goes surprisingly quickly on the day.

I managed to get home 5hrs after the op as i felt so well so i hope you do too. Be kind to yourself and be guided on how you feel. I myself wanted to get home asap!!


Hi There,

Good luck for tomorrow… Best advice I can say is to try and stay as calm and relaxed as you can, easier said than done i know…you will go to sleep and wake up thinking “was that it?”!! If you feel yourself getting upset or nervous before hand, tell them and I’m sure you’ll be given a pre-med. As Sue says, take things very easy and be guided by how you feel, take as much help as possible and be prepared to give yourself a good few weeks. Please come back on and let us know how you’re doing.

Best wishes
Fiona xxx

Good luck for tomorrow. I was terrified before my op too - never had an op or general anaesthetic. I think they are usually very sympathetic to the natural fear you have of the unknown. It was so simple and straightforward, and because it was a quick operation there were no after-effects - and I was euphoric afterwards about how painless and quick it all was. I wish the same for you.


It was my first op too and I was quite nervous. Similar surgery to you and picked up on my first routine mammogram. I too found it simple and straightforward.

The worst part was the waiting to go to theatre. After that it was easy! One minute the nurse was reaching over to put a mask over my nose & mouth and the next someone was calling me and offering sips of water and it was all over. I was then pushed to the ward, transferred myself into the bed, dozed a bit, had some tea and toast, sent and recieved a load of text messages and then it was time for “lights out”. I went home next day.

I had 2 weeks off work afterwards and did a lot of sleeping in that time. I was issued with a good supply of painkillers when I left hospital but in the end didn’t need them all. There was also a good range of pain relief on offer in hospital and I took what I felt I needed, but actually didn’t need all that much.

Fiona’s advice to be guided by how you feel is probably the best any of us could give.

Good luck for tomorrow,

Eliza xx

God luck for the op tomorrow, hopefully you’re already tucked up in bed. Nothing too much more that I can add to what the other ladies have said but if an extra voice helps then you really, really needn’t worry too much. It will be over so quickly and, if you’r elike me, won’t know anything about it until you’re back in your room with everyone fussing over you. You shouldn’t feel any pain and will probabl be amazed at how much you can move when you might be thinking you can’t. I have had other nops and I remember my first, a caesarian, where I was worried that the stitches would give way if I moved and felt that I had to crouch over. This doesn’t happen and they won’t open up…very good at sewing these surgeons. Just treat yourself kindly snd you should be back home in no time recuperating with exercises that you can dowload from this website which will be a good guide as to what you will be able to do if you are at all worried.

Take care
Lee x

I hate anathetics, but my last one was the best ever. I was asked to think of somewhere nice, where I’d like to be. Before I’d even had a chance to ponder, I was in recovery. I couldn’t believe it.

My last op was 15 years before and apparently they’re improving them all the time. It’s easy to say don’t worry, but try not to.


Good Luck tomorrow darl. You will be ok. It is nerve wracking before the event, but it will come and it will go. I got a crazy anesthetist who pretended he was looking for a hammer LOL.I said “you better knock me out first time then, Or I will hit you back.” He said “I always get the most trouble from the little ones” haha!!. Next thing I knew I woke up in recovery and it was all done and dusted. Will be thinking of you tomorrow. xxx

Thank you so much was so nervous about going on the site.It is now 1.20am on wednesday 21st July and guess what I cant sleep !!

Have a great husband and kids etc!! I so much want to beat this and I will - I have a positive outlook on life and have had some tough times in the past but I have no control over this situation ! So damn angry !!

Don’t know if you’ve already left but just in case you haven’t thought I’d let you know I had my op Monday and was home Tuesday am. Am just on paracetamol. Everyone was lovely, no problems at all and they kept me calm all the time.
I know what you mean about the control thing and you’ll feel better when it’s out. I hope to take full control next week when I get my results. Take care and I hope all goes well. Keep positive.
Katie x

I am off for my second Chemo 10am. I will be thinking of you. It will probably be all over with when you read this darl.
Katie is so right. You will feel so relieved that it has gone. xxx