Feel yuk on chemo

Can chemo really make u feel this yuk 2 lot of taxol/carboplatin had lots of bowel probs now got sore eye also massive cold sore after a wk of thrush nose won’t stop running gtg through it again wed I just don’t feel well enough waiting for bcn to call don’t feel I’ve had any gd days Laura

Hi Laura, I’m not on the same chmoe regime but yes, it can.
You really need to let them know at the chemo unit baout the cold sore as they’ll prob want to give you a course of anti virals so it doesn’t spread, I got a crop on the side of my nose and started getting a sore throat, called them and they wanted me down there straight away - they didn’t spread fortunately and the anti virals worked really quickly.

Chemo affects your gasto intestinal tract from nose, mouth, throat, stomach, bowels etc. All sorts can happen, running nose etc, I get that too, going through tissues at a rate of knots.

It’s no fun is it.

My thought are with you, The Side effects are so draining xxx

Don’t know about carboplatin, but you’ve described some of the Tax SE’s to a tee. There are various recent threads discussing tax SEs, so have a bit of a hunt.

One thing I’ve heard from a lot of tax ladies is that it messes with your mood and can make you feel very low. So if you get that too, it’s not YOU, it’s the drugs. And I have heard that it DOES lift too. Can’t speak from personal experience as I’ve been “lucky” to just have FEC, but I’m sure some Tax ladies will be on shortly to point to tax threads.

Good luck and hugs,


HI laura, I am on same regime as you, just had cycle number 5 yesterday, I had horrendous first cycle ended up in hospital with neutrpenia sepsis, but with each one I have learned to tackle problems before they start, I did n’t take anti sickness tablets soon enough so ended up vomiting badly, now I take them 6 hours after chemo for 3 days whether I need them or not, this has helped completley with all other gastric problems, now I don’t have sore insides or sore bottom, I also have anti acid tablets on prescription from Gp for when I need them.
As for the runny nose, yes its so annoying and mine bleeds when I blow it, but have found Beaconaise nose spray works wonders and also helps with the weepy eyes.I was given Difflam mouthwash for sore mouth it is the best,I have been lucky so far not to get thrush, I do put my toothbrush in boiling water to keep it bacteria free as that can harbour germs too, also I use a soft brush.
The most important thing for me is to drink lots of fluids as this seems to clear the toxins out of the system quicker and helps with SEs.
I do have a couple of ‘down days’ and do feel tired for much of the time but its do able ,be kind to yourself.

Please PM me if you need anything .

Hi Jean n 3 done y day they sd my bowel was still v tender I did wake at 3 last night with stomach ache just wonder if u had that I now have stuff to make me go and stuff to stop me going lol can’t win hope y ok only 3 more to go for me for now mouth v dry today how much do u drink it don’t seem to mater with me still get bad mouth tc Laura x

Hi Laura, yeah its yuk, tablets to make you go and tablets to help you stop !! I try to drink upto 3 litres of water the day before chemo and as much again on chemo day and day after, its easier said than done I know,this helps with flushing the toxins out of the body quicker, I find it helps with the constipation too.I have a horrid mouth at the moment ,nothing tastes nice and its dry but so far I have not had ulcers or thrush. I do find mouthwash gives some relief but its not nice !! my main problem is the aches and pains in my feet,toes and legs at night painkillers don’t really help and its got worse with each cycle.
keep your chin up and drink drink drink, iced water goes down best for me .

I try to drink 3 ltrs right through (don’t manage it every day!) and I treat myself to a new toothbrush every cycle - they’re used so much and so osft, that it really is noticeable to have a new one, even after three weeks. (Does putting them in boiling water damage them?) It’s rubbish isn’t it?

I found drinking as much water as I could both the day before and the 3 days after really helped with the SEs particularly with sickness. It didn’t get rid of it altogether but coupled with the anti-emetics from the hospital it made quite a difference.

My poor nose has only really recovered in the last 2/3 weeks from all the sores that developed during chemo and Beconase made a difference, as did putting on copious amounts of Savlon. I got the nasal spray on prescription from my GP so that I didn’t have to pay for it.

Nymeria x