Feeling a bit deflated

Hi everyone,

This is my first post, please excuse the pun in the title.

I had a mastectomy last month, after a diagnosis of invasive globular breast cancer. It was grade II, ER PR +ve, Her 2 -ve. Not that I really understand what all that means. I have been on Letrazole for 2 months.

Four days later I had a TIA, having be be had blood pressure issues. I have fully recovered from that, but am currently plugged into a cardiac monitor for 3 days, awaiting some follow up.

The news from my surgeon, 2 weeks ago, was good. Tumour all out, no lymph node involvement. However, no decision on future treatment yet, so waiting for an appointment with Oncology.

This is where the pun comes in. I should feel great, as the news was very positive, but I don’t. I’m not depressed, just a bit flat. I hate this waiting to hear when appointments will be, impatient, I know. I’m not usually so negative.

How do you cope with feeling your life isn’t under your control any more?

Dear Helen,

You are definitely on the right site, with some lovely ladies all going through the same as you, for me when I was first diagnosed I was so negative,  you can’t believe it’s happened to you.

Waiting for appointments, a treatment plan, all goes with breast cancer which is a waiting game we could all do without. however my famous words is One Day at a Time it will all fall into place, hopefully very soon.

Thinking of you, wishing you well with your treatment.

big hugs Tili :rainbow: :rainbow:

Hello Helen,

I have some understanding of how you may be feeling, as I had my Surgery on Monday 14/02/22 - Lumpectomy; nipple repositioning and level 2 Axilliary Clearance. I am waiting on biopsy of lymphnoids to see if Chemo or Radiotherapy is required and I Agree the waiting is stressful. Whilst I appear cheery and positive to family, inside I feel both despondent and depressed at the lack of support, even from Breastcare. I emailed seeking support, but didn’t get a reply or acknowledgement, so very disappointing.  I can’t phone Breast Care as My husband will hear me discuss My concerns, and he is stressed out enough. My Breast Care Nurse says any problems phone NHS between now and next clinic appointment.  I look on this Forum and can see no active virtual coffee/chat room where one could meet other women, so yes I do appreciate a little of how you are feeling.  Gosh I’ve probably made you feel more depressed! Sorry, I just wish the Breast Care online moderator would take note and inform new posters how people like you and I could find the ‘chat room’ where one could meet and greet others, without having to flag specific problems.


Hi, so sorry to read how you are feeling.
I finished all of my treatment last year - but I still sometimes feel under the weather, missing that spark that made me come alive.
I have no magic answer other than you can only ride the waves and take each day, or each hour in some cases as they come.

At first, I beat myself up, felt weak for not being able to rise above it all, then I came here and read all that I was feeling/going through was normal - there is no right or wrong or time limit we are all different, be kind to yourself.
It is a shame you feel you cannot make calls because of how your husband will take it sounds as if you are also worried about him (so sorry if wrong) just know how we each need to have an outlet for our feelings (although here is a cracking place to air them).

I wish you well with your treatment as well as finding answers to all of your questions.
Big Hugs
Poppy xx