feeling a bit of a wally!

Hi there, what a wonderful discussion forum. I have my initial hospital appt tomorrow. I had discovered 1 lump but my GP found another 2. I['ve had lumps before that have been benign so I dont understand my irrational fear this time around.
I keep telling my hubbie and mother that I['m fine and not worried but in fact im having a major wobble. I know the chances are that it will all be fine but thought Id share these thoughts with you as i can and not be struggling with my rational head vs my irrational head as im not speaking out loud to family and freiends about these thoughts.
My most positive thoughts go to all of you who are experiencing this and those that have not had the oucome they expected.

No need to feel like a wally - you are worried and that is fine. I would say the fact that you have had lumps in the past, and the fact that there is more than 1 lump should go in your favour … obviously there are exceptions to the rule but I was told that by rule of thumb more than one lump means benign… I think they refer to it by ‘safety in numbers’

Good luck with your appointment tomorrow. I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

Hi Forest

Love the name, Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get. Very apt for this forum. I hope you get your favourite tomorrow and the news is good.


many thanks lilac blushes. Your comments are most welcome

AJxxx what a wonderful play on the forestlump name. hadnt even considered that analogy. many thanks.
Just opened a bottle of wine guiltly but im going to enjoy anyway life is to short…

I think I might just join you, I’m sure there’s a bottle lurking in my fridge.

Good luck for tomorrow forest xx

Yvonne xx

very best of luck for tomorrow.

It’s only natural that you have an irrational v rational head on - I think mostof us have been there at some times.

Enjoy the wine - and never feel guilty lol

Margaret x

Thanks everybody. I’m sure it will be fine and I will get the chocolate coated truffle. I think the wine is definitely helping…
My OH tentavely said at dinner “are you worried” and as usual i said “no, Im sure it will be fine” what a mighty fine liar…
Thanks again

Good Luck tomorrow!

will be thinking about you tomorrow
Kay x