Feeling a little gutted

I had my surgery on the 2nd July and I have been waiting for radiotherapy.


i finally got my planning meeting on the 4th sept, and they aren’t starting the radiotherapy until the 25th sept. 


Is this a long time to wait? Or normal ?? 

Thanks xxx

I had my surgery 18th June ,started radiotherapy 21st August ( this was 4 years ago ) .Its frustrating when you just want to get on with it isn’t it .Jill x

Hi Saz


It does seem a long wait but the guidance is 31 days from when the person has recovered from the surgery/wound is fully healed. That must vary from person to person. Your oncology team wouldn’t put you at risk but, if you’re concerned, why not give your breast care nurse a call and ask her to look into it for you. She’ll be able to explain the logistics. Alternatively, ring the nurse attached to the radiotherapy department. Your state of mind is important to the success of your treatment so they will deal with your concerns. I hope you get reassurance.

I had my surgery on 20 May, and started radiotherapy on 1 August. I gathered this was a normal sort of timetable and was actually glad to have a break from treatment to enable me to get away on holiday etc.

Hi Saz, you always have a wait between treatments to allow your body to heal sufficiently to cope with the the next lot! ?. If your wounds haven’t healed well then the radiotherapy will play havoc. It thins your skin, and also can burn you. I got 3 different creams to cope with it all. Fatigue not too bad, but my team stressed the need for good skin care. They checked my scars every day during my 30 sessions. For me it was a months wait from op to chemo, then six weeks from chemo to rads. Wishing you good luck on the next stage of your journey. ??