Feeling anxious and confused

Had my follow up from first mammogram today which was ultra sound biopsy. Radiographer told me that if results come back benign I will have another biopsy to confirm. This was very confusing.  I guess she knows from the shape it is more sinister and expects malignant result. Anyone experienced this?


Sorry Lizzielou I don’t know much about ultrasound biopsy etc.  I just wanted to ask you not to worry too much.  Someone with a lot of knowledge will come along soon and answer your questions. This is a great place to unburden your worries, get answers and get comfort.


Al the best xxx



I wonder if she means that if the biopsy comes back inconclusive they might want to do another different type of biopsy to be sure as they would not want to send you away for another 3 years without being absolutely certain it was not cancerous.


Helena xx



Hi Lizzyloo, not sure what an ultra sound biopsy is. I attended a one stop shop, and had a mammogram, followed by ultrasounds on both breast and underarm, and from those I was told the cells looked abnormal and I had BC. She then asked permission to do some biopsies, which I have to say didnt leave me smiling. It was twelve days before the path results came back. No where near as long as you’ve been waiting! Hope you get your results soon. X