Feeling anxious while awaitjng first mammogram a year after op

I was told my first mammogram would be in November a year after my operation for high grade dcis which was on 1st November. I am getting really anxious about it, not necessarily about the mammogram but I just want it over with, I tell myself it will be ok but I can’t stop worrying. How long before your mammogram did they send you the appointment?

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Hiya, The first one post diagnosis is the most anxiety promoting of all, I had mine through a couple of weeks before and spent the days trying to come up with a justifiable reason to postpone! Luckily hubby and the dear friends I had made here were having non of it and urged me to just get it over with, I was fine on the day and just glad to have it done! You will be fine Xx 


You may need to give your bcn a call and ask about the appointment. Mine was set months in advance, but all hospitals seem to be different.

It’s natural to feel anxious about these tests, we all are, but you’ve had all the treatment, so its highly unlikely they will find anything. Take a deep breath…you can do it…and you will feel so much better after.

Best wishes

Sue xx

i had my app date 2 mths before. I have just hade my 1st mammogram last week. I have not heared anything yet,but the nurse told me no news is good news,which is a bit rubbish, because I would like to know if everything is o.k. Hope this helps, if you are still worried, ring your cancer nurse and ask her to find out for you xxx