Feeling anxious

Hi everyone,

Gosh I am feeling so anxious today and very tearful. My surgery is on Monday 1st. 

I am so on edge and the affect this all has on your head can be overwhelming.  Im normally a very stable person but that’s all gone to pot at the moment.

When hubby asks me questions like “what’s wrong” I feel like blowing my top. My bloody world has turned upside down and you ask me what’s wrong ?? He is so very supportive and is my rock… but just sometimes…aaaahhhh!!!

Sorry for offloading all this! I guess my head is just in the wrong place. I will pull myself out of it


I remember all too well that apprehension but remember this is the start of life-saving treatment. You didn’t say what kind of surgery you’re having (lumpectomy, mastectomy with or without reconstruction, with or without axillary clearance) so I can’t suggest how it will be but everyone is well aware of how scared we all are. The anaesthetist will visit you and probably ask the questions you’ve already answered but reassure you. You may be offered an early sedative if you are extra anxious but, as far as I recall, my anxiety had peaked by then. I was in my hospital gown, it was going to happen so…The surgeon will also visit you and draw on you with a biro (it’s very high-tech at that stage). 

Next thing, you’ll be coming round and wheeled back to the ward. I was lucky and went home the same day, though I’d had a mastectomy and full axillary clearance. It would be a good idea to ask the surgeon if you’re likely to have a drain attached because that was a big surprise to me and it took me days to work out how best to deal with it (my hospital didn’t supply a carry bag) so there was a lot of hilarity as well as some frustration. I didn’t have great pain, more discomfort as the wound healed. You’ll also be given a series of exercises that are absolutely essential to maintain the flexibility of your breast muscle and prevent a frozen shoulder initially but, 3 years on, I’ve neglected those exercises and I’m paying the price!!

Make sure you wear loose clothing and shoes you can slip into. You won’t like leaning forward for a bit. Your tops and pjs need to be front-opening to make getting dressed easier. I borrowed a couple of my husband’s less-worn shirts to see me through. That’s about it. You then wait for the results and your treatment plan. There’s no point second-guessing this part of it. Focus on getting better physically.

You can spend the weekend zoning out to Progressive Hypnosis videos on YouTube, which helped me tremendously. You may already have your own anxiety-reducing techniques. Now’s the time to keep your mind away from Monday.

All the best. Remember it’s necessary and for the best,

Jan xx


Just wanted to try and reassure you about lumpectomy too in case that is the surgery you’re having on Monday.  I had a lumpectomy about a month ago and had hardly any pain, didn’t even have to take paracetamol and was home the same day. Everyone was so kind and caring and I felt very safe in their hands.  Best of all was the huge mental boost it gave me to be rid of ‘it’ at last and I hope after surgery you’ll feel that too.  

@country_bumpkin  You wouldn’t be human if you weren’t anxious, it’s entirely normal. Jaybro has summed things up so well, but let me add a comment one of my friends made to me before my op: all you have to do is show up. You get to have a nap while someone else - someone who does this day in day out - does all the work. You’ve got the easy job

You’ll be on the path to recovery so soon. Hang in there! xx

Hello @country_bumpkin  

I’ve just been reading through your post and it sounds very much like your diagnosis is pretty much the same as mine. 
I had a lumpectomy and SNB (including magseed and nuclear injection) back in July. I’ve just finished my course of radiotherapy. 
I can’t add anything much to the wonderful advice already given: you are in the hands of professionals who know precisely what they are doing: I was told (because I asked) that my surgery was pretty much the easiest and most common one they do if that helps at all. 
I hope everything goes well for you tomorrow