Feeling Anxious

Hi Everyone,


I feel a bit silly coming here as my doctor has said the lump in my breast is most likely a fibroadenoma but since my appointment yesterday I’m feeling very sick and anxious.


I’m 24 and have had a lump in my right breast for just over a year, this has been accompanied by an intense pain close to my armpit which doesn’t go away and more visable veins on the same breast. Yesterday was the first time I’ve seen a doctor about it as my husband has been nagging me to go and get it checked. The nerves I had before my appointment were ridiculous and I don’t think that has helped with the sickness i’m getting.


The doctor examined me and said it didn’t look like anything to worry about but he wanted to send me for a scan as they recommend checking out anyone who comes in with a lump. Is it normal to send a 24 year old for a scan on a suspected fibroadenoma? I was under the impression that younger people were not sent for scans very often and it has got me worried.


Since my appointment I have been feeling really sick. I think it’s just the anxiety of waiting all that time to see a doctor and then being told I need a scan, which I wasn’t expecting. I’m trying to take my mind off it, I’m very young and it’s normal to have benign lumps, I just wish this horrible sick feeling would disappear!! 



Apologies for the rambling x

Hi Ruby89.

Don’t apologise for rambling! We all do that when we’re anxious! Firstly, you’ve done the right thing by going to your doctor, and they’ve done the right thing by sending you for a scan. Any breast changes should be checked out for peace of mind if nothing else.

Secondly, as you’re only 24, the likelihood of breast cancer is minimal. It is almost certainly going to be a benign condition. My eldest daughter, who is now 23, has been to the breast clinic several times. She has lots of lumps in each breast. The last time she found a new one (about six months ago), she wasn’t even going to bother going to the doctor, because she was sure it was just another one. I insisted she went as I was diagnosed with BC about six months before that. So because of my history, they sent her for an urgent referral.

It was another fibroadenoma. They now want her to keep an eye on things and check for changes in size, or any new lumps etc. She is not worried about any of it! Fair play to her. I think I worry about her more than she does!

I’m sure the sickness you feel is anxiety, because I know exactly what it’s like to have to wait for appointments, scans, biopsies, results etc. it’s a very difficult time.

Try to remain confident that you have everything on your side and it is almost definitely benign. Bear in mind that most people on here offering support have been diagnosed with BC, but that’s because for the thousands who get good results, they don’t need the support of the site anymore. So, for everyone of us, there are thousands who’ve had great news!

Keep your chin up, speak to your doc about the anxiety if you need to, and always come on here for support, or just a good rant. And don’t Google!

Keep us updated. Take care, love Mel. xx

Hi Ruby and welcome to the BCC forums, I am sorry to read that you have this worry at the moment

Please feel free to call our helpliners to talk through your concerns with one of our team, lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturdays on 0808 800 6000

You may find the following link to the BCC information about what to expect at your breast clinic appointment helpful:


Take care
Lucy BCC

Hi Mel, thank you for your reply, it’s made me feel a lot better reading about your daughter and has put things into perspective. Your daughter is so brave! I’ve been in work all day which has also helped take my mind off it all and I’m staying clear of Google :smiley: I hope you’re ok.

Thank you Lucy I will have a read of that


Hi Ruby,

I too had some good news today. I was waiting on results for both local spread and secondary in lung and both came back all clear, yee hah!!

I have a good feeling about you and, dare I say it, I’ve never been wrong on here so far!

So, be kind to yourself. You will no doubt have fearful times. But I am convinced you’re good.

Love Mel xx

Hi Mel,

That’s fantastic news :slight_smile: I’m really pleased for you!

Thank you that’s very kind, I will let you know how it goes, I’m pretty sure your right though :slight_smile:

Take care Emily xx