feeling better after op

Hi all
havnt been on this forum for a while. Had lump & nodes removed on the 25th March, spoke to surgeon before op & although I have a bigger scar than anticipated butshe didnt go through the armpit to get nodes. Came home next day with a ‘lovely’ plinsole bag to carry my drain in, feeling exhausted but glad the lump was gone. 1st district nurse came & removed drain & she was lovely, 2nd seemed more interested in how i was mentally & how the family coped with the news as she felt she wouldnt be able to cope. 3rd nurse was peeved at being sent, had none of the dressings required and told me to contct GP as she thought the wound was infected! So now on anti-biotics which look like horse pills but are ‘kicking’ in. Feeling alot better & more positive today. Have had to admit my return to work after just one week was an illusion & am returning after the 3 weeks advised.Waiting for histology results on Thursday [10th], seems like a never ending wait for something or another !!
Hope you are all ok & glad to be back

Hi Lynn

So glad you are feeling a bit better now.

I was initially returning to work after my op (mastectomy) last Nov - I haven’t been back yet I’m sorry to say lol but good luck with it.

Good luck also with histology results - hope all is ok

take care
Margaret x