Feeling bewildered

Cannot believe I am even on this web-site. I have always been in excellent health and this morning went to the Dr. who confirms I have a lump and need a referral within 2 weeks. My head is in a whirl. Getting the kids ready to get back to school with this going round in my head. My husband loves my 32FFs and have spoken to him on the phone, to tell him. All I could think of to say to him was ‘Sorry’. I am 44 - 45 next week, and have never been to hospital except for having my kids. Please reassure me - how likely is it that it is a bad lump? I am scared and on my own at the moment. I can’t tell anyone else yet, I feel like it will be real if I say it out loud.

You are all so brave and kind.
Lol Suzette

I was where you are 4 months ago - waiting for the results with 2 videos running in my brain. One was everything was fine, the other was that I would have cancer. Unfortunately I had the bad ending but it may not be for you.

I can’t reassure you whether it’s bad news but stick around here and you will get lots of support from ladies who know exactly what is going on in your head.

Take care
Sharon x

Once you go you’ll get peace of mind, as Sharon says its great support on here and chances are you’ll be fine. If not, then theres lots of advice, love and care here. I am 3 years down the line, so all I can say is the earlier you get these things sorted the better. Keep in touch and let us know when your appt at the hospital will be?

Sending you good wishes

Thanks so much for listening.
Good luck to you all.

Dear Suzette

I don’t think anyone can reassure you until you are seen at the breast clinic or by a consultant. There are so many different reasons for lumps as you have no doubt read about on the BCC site, the only thing you can do is try and stay positive. Not easy I know, but as someone who has just finished their treatment for BC, I can honestly say that this approach was what got me through my treatment.

I never really took much notice of my boobs and to be truthful my hubby is not a boob man, well if he was he certainly wouldn’t have picked me and my little ones… as were… Now I’ve had a Mastectomy it’s amazing how much I miss the little b****r! I was 41 when my boob decided to jump ship onto the operating table and am now 42 and am so thankful that the whole experience (if you can call it that) of BC has brought my hubby and I even closer together (guess it would wouldn’t it, now I’m missing a certain little friend on my chest, hee, hee…).

Good luck when you go for your appointment and try and keep your spirits up - we are all here for you.

Lynn x

Hi Suzette

The waiting game is the worst ever, and nothing we can say will help the time pass. But believe me you have definitely come to the right place and will find so much love and support on here that it will help you through this.

Cannot reassure you about the lump but whatever happens at least, if it is bad news, you will be getting it sorted and if it is just a cyst or something, then that will be seen too as well. As Sharon said, yours could well be a happy ending. Mine, alas was not, and have just had 2nd chemo session last week.

Your kids and your partner will definitely help you through this. I am 39yrs old and have a daughter nearly 4 and a 9 month old little boy. They give me so much to fight for and keep me going, no matter how naughty or annoying they are … bless them.

You will get heaps of support on here and like Kelly said, lots of women who have been there and are now 3 or more years down the line. I am a relative newbie, as was dx in July.

Anyway, I am rambling. Take care of yourself and let us know how you get on. Will be thinking about you and try to keep positive.

Take care

hi Suzette,

I can understand your worry & concern… it’s not a good feeling to discover a lump. Like everyone else has said, the only way to know for sure what it is is to have the necessary scans/tests etc. I am also waiting for my appointment for a scan etc. next week but I have had several lumps over the years and so far they have all been totally fine. Even so, each time I find a new one I make sure I get to the doctors ASAP. You have done the right thing in getting seen to.

So hang in there and know we are here for you (I only joined a couple of weeks ago) and everyone is very supportive.

Take care and stay positive,



I am still in shock but have now managed to tell my mother-in-law and my parents. I feel a bit better myself but guilty that I have loaded this onto them. Have not eaten or slept properly now for nearly a week. I now have my appointment at the hospital 11th September. I have no idea what to expect and have never been into hospital for tests before. Am very scared and the appointment is on my birthday.

How soon after will I know?

Suzette (still in denial)

Hi Suzette,

so glad you have a date for your appointment… not long to wait now. Mine is on Wednesday and I am also starting to feel a bit tense having been so positive all week! It comes and goes. Well done for telling your family & don’t feel bad about it, they would want to know so they can support you and care for you through this. However, I do sympathise as I didn’t want to tell mine either!

Try not to worry too much, you need to eat and try to sleep if you can. I know it’s not easy but please try and take care of yourself. Maybe soothing baths, some good books/movies… try and pamper yourself a bit. I have kept myself really busy this week to keep my mind off things but I know it’s always there at the back.

I went for a scan a few years ago and they saw right away it was a cyst and told me right away. However, I have also had a needle biospy and op. and had to wait a couple of weeks for the results. I guess everywhere/test is different so it’s hard to say when you will know for sure. I am also dreading that waiting period after Wednesday and hoping I get the all clear right away.

Hang in there Suzette… we will get through this… you are not alone.

Much love,



sweetie i,m sry you have a lump but there is a high percentage of lumps that are benign, its very hard to remain possitive when waiting sleep and daily life gets in a turmoil.
i,m glad you told your parents etc as you need support to help you through the wait.

that date will soon be here hon and on your visit the bc nurses are wonderful, you will be shown to a little room strip to waist and have a liitle cape for dignity, the nurse will take med history then con comes and checks the lump sometimes he has an idea what it is before you go anywhere eelse, then you will go for a mamogram i,m sure you have had one of these
then you will go to have an ultra sound which is painless and like a tv when the radiol puts jelly on the area of the lump it will be waved over with the scanner which will show up on the screen, if its a black hole like a disc it most likely fluid lump which they will aspirate while your in the room then you will see that black disc dissapear

hopefully that will be it, then you get dressed and see the consult again so he can tell you for def, if worried they may do a biopsy which is a need going in the breast and taking some tissue to send to histology

that one you wont get the result for another week,

but hang on to the hope that it is just a cyst that will dissapear on your appt day hon

we will pray for you sweetie so hang on
love to you

Thanks Nanny for your support. I am very scared now and cannot see beyond Tuesday. Wishing you much love and luck for Wednesday.


hi suz,

well its nearly time babe, i pray it is all a bad dream which will be clear tomorow hon
my prayers are with you sweetie

let us know how u get on ok

have a drink if it helps u sleep

love to u