Feeling cold after chemo

Are any of you finding that you feel chilly all the time after chemo? I know that some drugs make your hands and feet feel cold, but I just feel cold throughout. When I’m not having hot flushes from the anastrazole that is! I’m already in the full number of layers I normally wear in the depth of winter (and in rural Cheshire you do need layers) but I’m still uncomfortable. Sort of makes me ache round the trunk. By the time we get cold weather I’ll be looking like the Michelin man!


Someone tell me it’s not just me! I ended chemo in July, and am feeling so much better, but this is tedious. Or might it be the radiotherapy?

Jane x

I had chemo back in 2007, from April to September.  Then rads, herceptin and tamoxifen.  That first winter I was cold all the time except for when I was having a hot flush.  Just felt chilled to the bone all the time, a hot flush would come along and warm me up, then I’d get cold again.  I have no idea what caused it - ie which bit of the treatment - but the following winter it didn’t happen again, and I was into hot mode, always stripping off to cool down!  No happy medium.

I used to look forward to the hot flushes because they took away the horrible chemo chill!!!

Not just me then! I found some vests in M&S yesterday, claiming to react (really?) to keep you warm when cold and cool when hot. Not sure I believe that, but I’m tempted …

Jane x

Ooh yes, I have fleece -lined trousers from Craghoppers. Forgot about them. Off to cupboard …

Thanks Penny.