Feeling deflated!!!

Hi everyone 


Yesterday I went for my check up and scan results from the 20th of December , I had chemo that started in July and finished the 7th of November liver Mets had shrunk down and my levels were back to with in range all was going well . I had pain on the 12th of November but seem to subside then the beginning of December I posted about my tummy discomfort this again subsided . I started my new treatment on the 17th of December then the scan on the 20th . Yesterday they tell me my Mets have grown and my bilirubin levels are up too . I’m feeling so gutted as things were going good and now I feel it’s a bad sign and scared me have any of you lovely people had Mets grow so quick after finishing chemo ? 




Sal X 



what chemo did you have? 

can it be possible that the cancer did not respond? I am sorry to hear that. I have a pretty bad diagnose myself not sure what the future holds.

However there are so many new medications being develloped all the times.