Feeling down today

Hi just feeling a bit low today day 5 prob the steroids my legs ache I’ve got a cold sore come up on my lip also now worrying over my scans first 2 chemo worked really well 2nd 2 kpt stable now I’m worrying as sn as i fin they grow again Beeing tn with lung mets it’s a worry spoke to oh but they don’t understand just worried chemo won’t work and it’s only first lot prob me Beeing silly just wanted to moan tc everyone xx

You’re not being silly. You’re being real. To post at 7:30 probably means you’ve been up ages already.

Big hugs, cos that’s all I have, practically, to offer.

It’s completely understandable that you’re worried Laura, and you’re right to talk about it - it’s not good to bottle these things.
Anyone with stage 4 knows about the constant nagging worry, wondering what the cancer is doing, and if the treatment is working. Really, I think the fear is about loss of control. In most areas of our lives we have some control over what happens, but with cancer we feel we don’t. But you do have many treatment options (not just the current one), and so you do still have some control - just make sure you do your research and make sure you use the options.

Just wanting to send big hugs xx

Have you seen the thread “Feeling Low”?

Sorry your feeling low laura64 giving you a big(hug)XXX


love & hugs for you Laura

hi laura, you are not silly its weird some days we just get up and feel low just go with the day if you want a cry have one and a rant ,then rant away but sending fairy hugs your way love rachel xxx

laura, I know just how your feeling, been there so many times, I have had some counselling and it helped me a lot, perhaps it would help you.
Sending you a big hug , it will get better .
Jean x

Hi Laura ,
Sorry you have been down lately.You are not silly to worry its only natural. Only people who have cancer can truly relate to how each other feels. I am sending you a big hug to cheer you up xx