Feeling Down

Today I feel sad :frowning:

Me too…Come on chick, you can do this. You are a strong beautiful lady. If you need to hide under the covers and cry all day…do it, what harm will it do.  You’ll have good days but you’ll have some pretty bad days too. Put on your favourite film/box set, sit with a cuppa and your feet up, ignore the phone.  We have to have those sad/down days…it will make you enjoy the up days so much more.


Keep strong…big virtual hug coming your way…((((((((HUG)))))))) 



I felt down too. Lots going on as well as my ca. But I felt low since having my oncology appt for Monday. Even though I’ve had surgery etc and to all in sense and purposes the cancers out going to see oncologist makes it real that I have cancer. Xx

I know the feeling but keep your chin up, this won’t beat us, just makes us stronger in months to come. I Also had surgery and waiting on results on Thursday which I’m scared stiff of. I’m so frightened re chemo and the impact this will have on my family and I. I’m a private person and don’t like to stand out. I don’t know how I’ll get through the school runs with people starring. I know I’ll want to become a recluse. I have long hair and dreading losing this. I’ve read up on the cold cap and hope this saves some of my dignity.