Feeling down ?

Hi girls


Sorry for the off load on here but I’m feeling down , I had my 3rd chemo yesterday and to make it all worse my other half is not talking to me , we fell out a few days ago and since then have had contact by two text messages we have been together for 8 years so this is really hurting me and that fact that I’m going through all this as well.

So sorry your feeling down helen, didnt want to scroll past with out giving you a hug, men can really be insensative at times, try keep your spirits up xx


Hi Helen

Unfortunately some partners are not very good at dealing with this. Do you have any family or friends that can pop by and give you a hand? The first couple of days after chemo are very challenging right? How many have you got left to go?

Sending a hug xx

Hello Helen,


Some men are like that - I expect he would be the same if you had a broken leg and were not your usual self!

Anyway, you have to concentrate on you and getting better - you can give time and energy to him when you have some to spare but for now just know that you are entering your rough time and can expect to be there for a few days. My chemo is behind me now but I can still recall how tired I was. In a few days you will start to rally and feel much better. This is the ideal place to unload negative emotions because we all understand what is happening to you.


Try to imagine that you are dealing with a child and don’t expect him to be reasonable, it will preserve your sanity xxx