Feeling Glum today, writing helped

I’m full of fatigue today and its resting heavy on me. So, I decided to blog. It helped


Much love to you all,


Hello Lou

Feeling Glum today, reading helped…

And it was your excellent blog, the entirety of which I have devoured in one greedy sitting on a dismal Lockdown afternoon, which did it for me. So, a huge thank you!

You write beautifully - articulate, eloquent, honest, engaging and funny with a staggering degree of self-awareness. I love your take on life. We are all supposed to have a book in us somewhere. You clearly have several. 

Pat xx 

Lou - thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful blog. I can’t put it better than Pat has. I love how you describe your “joy hunting” and I especially loved your description of your friend on zoom. I’m sending hugs and strength to you, Evie xx

Beautiful This will inspire many others wonderful of you to share :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx