Feeling good! At a turning point.

Ok, it may not be over yet, but for now it is.
Mx last June, done.
3xFEC done.
3xDocetaxel, done. Aftermath continues with numb fingers and toes and horrid short flaky nails but these effects are all likely to improve over next 6 months.
8 out of 18 Herceptin down but they are quite easy on me so far.
Returned to work and tiredness improving.
Eyebrows and lashes are back. Have shaved legs and armpits for first time since June. Normal…
Hair enough to chuck out wig and scarf.
Decision not to have reconstruction made and referal accepted to have other boob removed after herceptin finishes agreed.
No sign of re-occurence confirmed today.
Know what? for the first time in a year I feel good!

Wow congratulations sounds like y have every reason to feel good and what an uplifting post for us to read for those of us only just starting out on this journey! Long may you feel just as god as you do today xx

Thanks Jlr,
Throughout I have adopted the mantra “the only way is up”.
There have been real lows, but each time I just said my mantra and it has worked…
I still remember setting out on this trip, I was lucky in that a colleague was a few weeks ahead of me so I knew what to expect and had a really positive role model. I hope you don’t have too rocky a ride, that you get the support you need and the outcome we all deserve.
It may not be over for ever but it is for now so I am going to enjoy the moment.

Hi KahrenQ
Good one!! Its great to feel you are stepping on through it all and you are getting back in control of your life. Exactly… enjoy the moment and have fun. I have found gratitude to be a very useful thing to exercise every day!

Hi KahrenQ
I could have written your post except for herceptin. had mx last March & started chemo last April. 12 months on I have lovely new hair in a pixie crop, my nails are long & strong and I have just returned from a 2 week holiday in Baja California. Like you I am not having reconstruction & have an appointment with my surgeon on Monday to agree a date for risk reducing
mx on my other side. I wore a lovely bikini on holiday, swam, wore a wetsuit to snorkel & have a fab tan with no strap marks (just a darker triangle where I had rads.
Worked through treatment & a now taking 12months off to decide what to do next (I am a self employed consultant).
I’ve met 15 wonderful new friends through this forum & am doing the Pink Ribbon walk with them next month.
I still have the odd dark day & panic at every twinge but life is good.
S x

Great to hear that S!
Ongoing Herceptin means I will wait for travel until the insurance isn’t a rip off! But new mantra is “live for the moment”.
What is really good is to hear from someone who is also considering the other Mx. To me that will be so freeing. I struggled to find someone who saw it as I did. Risk reduction and chance to chuck the prosthesis away too, to my mind. Chance to wear strap tops and no need for the type of bra my mother tried for 40 years to make me wear!
Hope your year off will be productive for you and you enjoy it to the full. Work has been the first positive to me, even if I am being “restructured” - that restructuring I can cope with!
Live life to the full!
I wasnt fit before but my aim is Pink Ribbon next year when I will be fitter than ever before!

Hi just starting on the journey had my MX 3 weeks ago. Start chemo on MOn then herceptin for a year.
As my remaining udder is 34G I feel completely unbalanced and find even wearing the comfie aches constantly. Even tho early days I too want to get rid of other boob after treatment so as to feel more balanced, to hell with prothesis and to stop worrying that this Beep beep will ever rear its ugly head again. If Im that brave and have that done can I have recon for two boobs further down the line or does that mean I will be breast free forever??? I have to say that from recoiling at the initial horror of looking at myself I actually think it looks quite elegant now on the MX side and will imagine as scar fades it will look even better.