Feeling good

Hi, I very rarely post on here but when diagnosed in 2013 age 37, Grade 3 with 2 tumours size 7.5 & 2 cm and 1 lymph node affected, I was convinced it was a death sentence and scrolled the internet and this forum for hope! 

Now much further down the line, I feel it’s important to share hope, especially with those in the very early & frightening days of breast cancer, which I remember only too well. So I want to share my news that today I got the all clear from another  mammogram seven years from diagnosis and have never felt so well! Also have had virtually no issues with Tamoxifin. 

I just hope my story can offer some hope and reassurance to others xx

Hi flower75 - thank you for sharing your positive story, I’m really pleased for you that you’ve just had another clear check up and it will give hope and encouragement to others going through treatment or just diagnosed. Evie xx