Feeling guilty for having good day

Hi, everyone

I feel fantastic today, really fantastic. Had an ultrasound on liver yesterday and got the all clear. Female doctor (thank the good Lord) said it’s slightly fatty but that could be due to weight/meds/alcohol, but otherwise she had no concerns.

Sun is shining and I’m meeting a friend later for early tea. I feel very lucky that I can go out and about and be independent. In fact, I feel so good that I’ve just had a jam buttie - not had one in months hahaha.

BUT - I’ve read a few sad posts on here today, and my thoughts are with a lot of ladies and their families:

for those who are newly diagnosed and frightened;
for those who are embarking on chemo and frightened;
for those who are facing surgery and frightened;
for those who are unable to get out of bed;
for those who are watching their loved ones unable to get out of bed;
for those who have lost loved ones and still trying to come to terms with it;
for anyone less fortunate than me today.

Good luck to us all.
Maureen xx

Maureen, I will drink a glass of wine to that posting this evening.

I’m having a very good day too, in fact at the moment I am having many more good days than bad and I’m at a place where I’m moving on and starting new things. Downside is my amnnual mammo is on Monday and the clinic follow up 3 weeks later, but I’m trying to put it on one side.

Sorry, that should have read “annual” mammo!

Oh Maureen thank you for sharing your good news, no need to feel guilty, it’s great that your liver ultrasound was clear!
Enjoy the jam buttie… and tea with your friend.
Yes we think of so many who face difficulties… but we can also “rejoice with those who rejoice”.
Best wishes

Thank you Maureen.It is great to share your good news-it doesnt make us less aware of the bad but we need to know the sun can shine too.I have been bouncing since my NED mammo on Wednesday.Love Valxx

What a ovely post Maureen, so you. wonderful news about your liver being clear.
See you again soon i hope, enjoy yourself.

Love Rx


Fantastic post

I think we need some good posts to keep us all on an even keel. It doesnt mean we dont think any less of those with problems but it does help to put some prospective into our lives. Thank you



Fantastic news.Always good to hear good news. My liver is fatty but I think mainly because I am fat. The consultant said that a high percentage of people who have been on tamoxifen have a fatty liver. Were you on it?
Think mine has probably got more to do with red wine. Enjoy your G and T’s. When can you get back into your caravan in Anglesey? Met you on the Liverpool meet and looking forward to the next one.
Julie xx

Hi Maureen,

So pleased it was good news, you can now relax and enjoy those G and T`s again!

I am also celebrating the end of my treatment (apart from Herceptin) this weekend, it certainly feels good!

Look forward to seeing you again soon.
Take care,
Love Jan x

whoo hoo granny scouse thats great news… will see you soon in liverpool