Feeling lost

Hi ladies :relaxed:

I am 34yo and was recently diagnosed with IDC 11mm grade 2 stage one breast cancer. My little boy was 10 weeks old at the time - he is five months now!

I was doing really well and seemed to have a positive outlook on things, but I recently seem to be googling more and More, and getting very worried about not being around to see my children grow up.

My oncologist has said I have an excellent prognosis but it’s like I need constant reassurance?!

Does stage 1 grade 2 breast cancer have a good prognosis? I have got lost in the statistics online and read far too many scary stories… I think I need to stop googling… !

I’d really appreciate hearing how you cope with your worries or even a telling off would probably do me some good!!

Hi Syudbx,

I’m similar, IDC, 7mm, grade 2, stage 1 & yes, I was told the prognosis was ‘excellent,’ & tbh, I don’t tend to worry about it & feel grateful it was picked up early.

So good to hear yours was picked up early too.

From my understanding, statistically we should be just fine!

I think you’re right about stepping away from google, as there will always be something worrying to find, which is usually just unhelpful & not about you anyway.

Do take care

ann x




Hi Syudebx


It’s Emily here from Breast Cancer Care. 


Thanks for your post. And congratulations on the birth of your little boy :) 


I wanted to let you know that we have a few volunteers who had very young children when they were diagnosed. One of our volunteers was on maternity leave when she was diagnosed, and so understands the anxiety and worry that comes with this. She’s now a few years on from her breast cancer treatment.


If you’d like me to put you in touch with her, feel free to drop me a direct message through the forum.

Best wishes

Emily at Breast Cancer Care

Hi Emily. Oh yes that would be great, thank you. Only problem is, I have no idea how to direct message you - I’m so sorry! ??‍♀️

Hi Syudbx,

I hope you’re well

Just posting on the off chance you pick this up as it’s been a while

Your diagnosis and age is very similar to mine so was just wondering how you’re getting on?

Best wishes,

I was just wondering how are you doing. I know you wrote this ages ago but I have also been diagnosed with IDC and it is 12mm